The one about the quote

I’ve been thinking about this quote:


Basically, it reads Be difficult, take up space, raise your voice and don’t back down. We’ll hold each other’s hands when it gets scary. I like it. Because this gesture, this promise, holding each other’s hands, feels truly revolutionary; it’s not about any type violence. And it’s vague enough to be applied in any number of situations.

A specific setting where this quote applies suddenly occurred to me; i.e. what it is that is scary that would require holding hands. It’s the calling yourself a feminist, it’s admitting that feminism is necessary, it’s scary.

I mean apparently.

It is because it is scary that people feel the need to give an earnest answer to the question “has feminism gone too far?”. Which I complained about to hitherdither, who graciously took it upon herself to write a post.

The question is a textbook example of misdirection. There are better ways to pass your time. Sorting your socks in alphabetical order…

This would be feminism taken to its extreme: too much equality between the sexes.

That doesn’t even make sense. WTF is too much equality? It can only be too much equality if the goal is not equality.

Clearly, this question bothers me no end. Most of all when people answer it with “feminism is good and well, but extreme feminism…” Makes me want to scream Extreme feminism?! Tell me more! What is this extreme feminism and how many people has it killed?! Shall we compare and contrast with patriarchy, shall we shall we?!

Which is just not productive. It’s not how to respond to this insanity.

Also not sure whether or not it is a good thing I have a filter.

Anyway, let’s not get tangled up in this question again, let’s just get back to the quote.

It’s a reminder to keep calm. And remember we’ll hold each other’s’ hands. It’s the ultimate revolution. It’s the only way this thing is going to work. Throwing fits because people are afraid, couldn’t be more pointless, could it?

Need to remember that.

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