24 hours of vegan eats

Friday evening. Got home from the worst workout I’ve been to quite possibly ever. Accidentally ended up in a new workout class called Flowride (please let it be temporary). It’s supposed to be a “seamless workout”; in terms of movement and music, it should just flow. With that in mind. Naturally, my gym feels the person for this job was the instructor with no sense of rhythm. I don’t know what to say. Except for, the music stopped after each track and that was the least of the problems that class had.

This is as much cooking I can be bothered with on a Friday evening after a terrible workout:


Recently realized I’m nowhere near mastering a regular tomato sauce, so I got this ready made sauce and it was good. Mixed in a lot of frozen spinach and had it with pasta and carrot + ginger balls that you just pop in the oven for 10 minutes, as much heat as your oven can muster.

Still upset about the workout, but the meal was not bad at all.

Saturday morning. Protein pancakes have quickly become my go-to weekend breakfast. And why wouldn’t it be? Pancakes, lots of raspberries, what more do you need??


Did have a discussion with myself about the amount of pancake. It went like this:

Me: You’re going to eat all those pancakes?
Also me: Yeeessss…?
Me: That’s A LOT of pancakes.
Also me: If you’re insinuating I’ll get fat THINK AGAIN. I thoroughly enjoying my current energy levels THANK YOU VERY MUCH; I have no interest in starving. Now shut up, I’m having pancakes. ALL.

Since we’re on the subject of food. Tiny grocery haul from Saturday morning:

soy milk, oranges, bananas, almond butter, hummus, peas, bean sprouts, dried figs, tofu

Quick snack to fuel up for a few minutes of jumping rope while I was doing laundry. That is how disappointed I was with the Friday workout class. I need to feel what Timbuktu sings (raps?) about in Springcollapsed lung! Obsessed with this feeling. I’ll stop when it hurts, not sooner.

Cup of herbal tea – have we talked about the Pukka herbals? D i v i n e. Only herbals I’ll have. Two slices of toasted rye with some Tartex and cucumber.


Got my sweat on and did my laundry, cleaned the flat, followed by…

Saturday lunch. Whipped up a stir fry with some brown rice for lunch. Goal: as many colors as possible. So I had a red pepper, purple cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, peas and a fake meat in there. Some garlic and mango chutney to spice it up. You just cannot go wrong with a stir fry.


Early dinner Saturday: haricots vert, roasted potatoes and chickpeas. Slightly obsessed with my mustard roasted potatoes, yes. And if you like me struggle with the haricots vert here’s a tip: just fry them for a bit on high heat with some garlic and salt, take them off the heat while they’re still crunchy and they’re not at all bad.


And for dessert: a frozen banana mixed with almond butter. Maybe even some cinnamon??!!

4 thoughts on “24 hours of vegan eats”

    1. Easy solution, just move! You’ll feel right at home I’m sure! 😉

      If it makes you feel any better we’re still far from perfect, I had to explain today that parmesan is not vegan. Kinda worried what else they think is vegan (work thing, restaurant booking, nighmare basically).


        1. I know! But I think the poor dear was probably confused as to what vegan means, because she followed this by asking what I wanted for dessert/starter, all of which were based on dairy and/or fish. So ehm. Yes. Sometimes it’s a bit uphill.



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