Last.week does this now!?


Love it!

And my stats are up, go me!



Total number of tracks is down, but that’s not important. Totalt time spent listening to music is up. It’s all that matters.

For the life of me I can’t understand how this is still the case:


I simply don’t believe it.

And now I’m off to listen to Deaf Havana because I saw someone with a Deaf Havana t-shirt and was pretty. Fox on it.


6 thoughts on “Last.week”

    1. Actually, there is one rapper we all need need, but it’s not DMX. Obviously it’s Silvana Imam ( But I see how you couldn’t possibly know that, not speaking Swedish and all.

      (Just kidding!)

      (Except for the Silvana Imam part, serious as a heart attack! Because if she can make people (i.e. me) who don’t even like her genre of music like her, theeen that’s really saying something.)

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