And I want

Dry roads.

A room with this wallpaper on two walls:


Obviously two walls in the same room.

Yes I have it in a different color, what of it?

More time to read!

More gigs to go to. Architects? Sweden? Is that too much to ask?

No more uni texts of the bureaucratic variety to translate. Because it is my firm belief such texts should not exist. Maybe a better way to put it would be: I want uni staff to start writing as if they wanted others to read what they’re writing.



Maybe not this specific one, he already has a family (and he’s so heavy + likes to sleep on top of you), but you know, any excuse for a cat pic?

My neighbors’ kid to stop screaming. Mostly for their sake. I worry about their sanity.

To never go to Annika’s workout classes ever again. I’m sure she’s doing her best, but gym instructor is not her calling.

Glass of wine? Why do I never have wine in the house anymore?

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