100 day song challenge #69

#69 A song you would choose for karaoke

Die Ärzte’s Zu Spät.

Let me give you the reasons in form of an unnumbered list!

I like singing in German. Not sure why. I’m probably getting at least half of the lyrics completely wrong.

It’s short. And the lyrics cleverly written ito be easy to remember. Surely that was the intent?

If you’re going to sing, don’t you want to sing about FahrradsI sure do!

Obvs one of the most brilliant songs ever written.

That being said. I would never do karaoke. Not that I think you thought I would. I’m just making that clear in case there is any confusion. And that is how far my fear of being the center of attention in any situation reaches.

8 thoughts on “100 day song challenge #69”

    1. 😀 Are you telling me I’m the only one obsessively watching any and every scrap of dÄ I can find, thus being extremely familiar with the appearance of Sahnie!?! 😉

      (Even if I was confused for a second writing this and was going to write Hagen but fortunately something in the back of my mind told me that wasn’t quite right.)


      1. Haha, I doubt you’re the only one, I’m just not one of the others… I mainly watch videos of my favorite songs, and this isn’t one of them 😛 (still a good song though, obviously)


        1. Does that mean that you’ve seen the 3-Tage-Bart video or no…? Just asking because if it wasn’t for the video, I probably wouldn’t have cared much about the song. Love it now tho. (See, watching also that which I don’t particularly like, it’s a sickness.)

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          1. Obviously! xD Don’t particularly care for the song, but even the preview pic for that video was so funny I had no choice but to watch it.


          2. Vet inte varför du tror att jag skulle kunna göra det, men det verkar ju dumt att säga emot!? Skulle dock kännas hur häftigt som helst att vara liksom mid-30s och plötsligt lära sig inte bara riktiga armhävningar utan också med hopp. Undrar om det finns en träningsplan för det?!



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