I have a lot of questions #2

Is Glasvegas ever going to release another record/tour? The hell are they doing anyways?

Do things actually get better? Do they? Doesn’t feel like it.

Why isn’t there a DVD of My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days tour?? I loved that tour. Not to mention Gerard’s hair, could stare at it all day.

Nick Cave, touring Europe in the fall, should I go? Glasgow or Stockholm??

Why can’t I remember my first gyno experience? Clue sent out an email asking about our first gyno experiences. Brilliant question! But for the life of me I cannot remember. I can’t imagine it was pleasant, i.e. should remember. Maybe that first time has since been overshadowed by last time I went for my smear test and I bled like crazy (I don’t usually, apparently effect of the hormones I was on at the time), and, of course, every time I’ve had to ultrasound my ovaries? Especially enjoyed the time one of my ovaries was playing hide and seek.

New Russell Brand tour in the UK. Worth traveling for?

I want pieces of clothing that feel inspired by Gerard Way; what can I get??

Forest mural – is just really, really tacky?

Do I throw my CDs away or do I give them away?

I’m going to love my new apartment as much as I love this one, right!??!

Am I going to have to start tracking my time to figure out how to rack up some more time for reading??

Should I skip traveling entirely this year? To make up for my car use? To save money in case I want to put up a piece of wallpaper in my new apartment?

Should I get rid of my piano when I move? If I do, I’ll never play again and that’s scary, but I don’t really play often enough to justify keeping it.



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