Treat yourself Tuesday

I accidentally had a treat yourself Tuesday yesterday. In no way planned.

I started by accidentally getting to work ridiculously early. This wasn’t the treat. The treat was, because I was so early, I could leave early. Which was good, because I needed groceries anyway, and get sis a present or two.

First stop, was in no way H&M, but somehow it just always pulls you in. Or me at least. I’ve been wanting a wire basket to store my palettes in, finally found a good-sized one:


Admittedly not all of my palettes, but all of my most frequently used ones.

First stop was actually the tea shop, but I’m not going to show you bags of tea. But I will tell you what flavors I got: one black citrus chai tea, and one green peach flavored. I ♥ Kahls. Their tea selection is unrivalled.

I also visited the alcohol shop, a.k.a. Systembolaget. Got myself one small bottle of one of my fave rosé wines, Santa Ana, and it’s organic too!

If you’ve been here before, you might recognize Crudo, another fave, white wine obvs. and also organic. Will try to save for sis’s birthday becauseee…she hasn’t tried it and it’s great. (Yes, wine reviewer, it’s so in my future.)


My current kryptonite tho, is Lagerhaus. They’ve got so many lovely little things. This is me showing serious restraint:


I love their shower cream, soap and cleaning products. Because look at the simplicity of the packaging! That, and they smell lovely.

I also got two prints: one moon phases, and one misty forest. I cannot get enough of misty forest! It’s basically what I spend all of my trips between work and home staring at, but apparently that’s not enough. I think I’m saving them for when I move tho.

Some useful bits: straws, glass food container (I’m trying to phase out my plastic food containers, apparently one at a time?), hand gel that’s supposed to smell like coconut but I can’t really say it does, in other words, the hunt to find a hand gel to replace Carex moisture plus continues, and finally, I got this clipboard thing that’s supposed to work as a frame.

Followed this up with a nice dinner while watching Leila’s latest vlog. I had an avocado + edamame seasoned with this lovely spice mix called sesame wasabi and flake salt, one red pepper, the type that is called snack pepper in Swedish, it has a longish shape and is just a little tastier than the regular type, plus, two slices of Finn crisp and a glass of that rosé. Thought I had a picture, but as I found out when there was just a few edamame left, I didn’t. JFC. It was very instagrammable! The greens, red and blush. Yes well.

I’ll show this instead: final1489513570047

Sis bought me two Anton Corbijn prints recently, this is one of them. So that was why I was getting the clipboard thing. I adore Anton’s work, almost as much as I adore Mackintosh.

Oh who am I kidding, I adore them both the exact same amount. (Where am I even going with this??)

I did also get some bits for sis, but I’m keeping it secret for now.

Final words: successful outing even if I do feel somewhat guilty about the amount of money spent. I’m trying to not be so wasteful and I’ve been doing so well. Until now.

Yes well. Long as it’s not a habit, it’s fine, right?

2 thoughts on “Treat yourself Tuesday”

    1. Aren’t they tho! 🙂

      Ah yes, you should. They’ve got a few different sizes/versions too. My brain is currently trying to figure out excuses to get at least one more 😛



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