Things to do on a Sunday #4

Sunday; the day of meal prep!

If you’re that sort of person.

I’m actually not, because if I can be bothered to cook I always make sure to make extra to put in the freezer, thus avoiding prepping lunch for work.

Going out for lunch is not an option in my world, not even if it was easy to find decent vegan food where I work. It’s just not value for money. Blahblah…let’s get on with it!

Through some sort of miscalculation my freezer is running low. So here we are, lunch needs to be prepped.

One of my go-to super simple meals is falafel and roasted veggies.


I love combining green and purple veggies; I’ve roasted lots of purple cabbage in a bit of olive oil, salt and rosemary, and one large zucchini. In my oven, high as it will go for about 15-20 minutes does the trick. Add a few falafel, I buy them ready-made frozen, and you’re done.

Next up, long time favorite known in my family as “ajvar “. I.e, we don’t mean the condiment but this here super easy dish:


Pasta, fake meat, corn, peas and pepper, and a sauce made of Oatley cream and ajvar. Just cook your pasta, give your fake meat some color in pan together with some garlic granules, add cream and ajvar, and finally frozen peas, corn and pepper. I also added some kale I had in the freezer because you can never have too many greens.

And finally, my favorite mustard sauce:

final1489321475001What we’ve got here is wheat berries cooked according to instructions, one aubergine left to blacken in a pan, the rest of the Oatley cream with approx. 2 heaped tablespoons of mustard, tarragon, lots of spinach, dried tomatoes, one can of large white beans topped with some nutritional yeast for good measure.

That’ll get me through the week, easy!


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