In which I spend an entire post on a single song

You know Dead by April? Pop metal band from Gothenburg. I used to be obsessed. As in for a long period of time I used to wake up to Painting Shadows. Was an excellent way to wake up.

I’m not saying I’ve come to my senses and no longer like the band. There is something so wonderful about how they mix the pop with the metal. It doesn’t matter that they’re probably the least cool band there ever was. Not sure why I’m telling you this because I don’t think anyone is under the impression my taste is sophisticated by any means.

Moving on.

I used to know things about this band. I used to know when they released stuff. Apparently no longer the case. Apparently they just released a new record, as in yesterday. Thank god for Spotify! Else I would have missed out on the absolute masterpiece that is the last track of the record: For every step.

I was listening to the record while doing my yoga (yes I’m back doing that again, let’s not get into why, or the fact that I really shouldn’t), and this song came on. Clearly with a singer that sounded nothing like whoever is currently on vocal duties in this band. They seems to change a lot and I’ve lost track.

Slow realization; I know this voice. Sounds an awful lot like Tommy Körberg. It can’t be? But it was.

They’ve enlisted Tommy Körberg for this track.

You have no idea just how much this pleases me.

Tommy Körberg, for me, forever just the guy who sings the intro to Ronja the Robber’s Daughter (one of the first obsessions in my life). You know, this one:

If that’s who he is to you, you don’t expect him to suddenly turn up on a track by one of your fave metal bands. Probably also don’t expect it to be any kind of good. But oh. It is. Can he please be in a metal band forever now?

This is the track:

Of course this gives me hope that one day, some metal band will reach out to Josh. Yes Josh Groban. I am looking forward to that day. Like a lot.

2 thoughts on “In which I spend an entire post on a single song”

    1. Only question; what metal band should we inform of the pure genius of this idea?!

      Yea…that has to count as one of the main obsessions of my life. Should reread the book, see if the story still has appeal.



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