Where I keep my books

As you may know, I just cleaned out my shelves, so they’re looking quite neat and tidy. Looks, however, can be deceiving.

My main shelves are all IKEA. Still upset about the fact that IKEA has discontinued the bookcases to the right; they’re the perfect size!


But if we’re being honest, wall shelves are better for this apartment because it’s a bit crooked. Love it none the less! But it is going to be kinda nice to move some place that just isn’t.

For the most part, my books are arranged according to type. I’ve got my very own system, basically it’s feminist lit, biographies, random fiction in Swedish and random fiction in English. I’ve got one tiny shelf of books in French + German. Some non-fiction that doesn’t belong to the feminist category are grouped together, and for the most part my graphic novels are grouped together.

So there’s that complex system, in addition to which some of the books don’t fit into any old shelf, so it’s only partially organized according to a system that makes no sense to anyone but me, and partially according to where a book physically will fit. Does the fact that I sometimes cannot find a book to save my life make me rethink this (lack of) structure? Not even a little!

I also like to use books as decor. So they’re dotted around the room, just to make things even more confusing:

As I’m preparing to move, I’m quite pleased with how under control my collection of books is.

Goal for the next 12 months: buy no books. (One exception: the third part of Ravneringene.)


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