In which I propose some cultural appropriation

Sister and me have a long-running disagreement, it’s not the cat vs dogs, but it could as well be. It’s equally inane.

It’s the fall vs spring.

I am zero percent fan of spring. If that is what this is.

Behold spring:


Never did I see a less flattering combination of colors. At least fall is senisible enough to hide it all in darkness. Which is part of its appeal.

At the same time. I’m in doubt. This is spring? Really? I hesitate to call this spring. But I also wouldn’t call it winter.

I hear the samii have 8 seasons.

And we are not stealing this world view because…? Because it makes too much sense? Because it’s too appropriate? Because it accurately describes our world, as opposed to someone else’s? Because we forgot how to steal things from other cultures? What??

Maybe it’s just because we’re daft. By we I’m refering to Swedes. You know Er ist wieder da? (English: Look who’s back) Silly book about how Hitler suddenly finds himself in our time and becomes a stand-up comedian. Obviously fiction and all, but I do wonder whether there is some truth to what he says about Swedes; the reason we’re so stupid is because developing any sort of intelligence in such a cold location is simply impossible. (He said it in a funny way tho, you should read it if you haven’t already.)

And we’re cold because we think this is spring, only because it isn’t winter. It’s the old winter coat is too warm, spring coat is too cold WAS TUN?

Thus the basis of my hatred of spring. False advertisement, not meeting expectations, don’t know how do deal with it.

I need a new concept. I need an inbetween, a not yet spring but def no longer winter season.

…unlikely to make me less bitter. But still.

2 thoughts on “In which I propose some cultural appropriation”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Swedish (norrländsk?) spring is awful. Though I have to say… down here “på kontinenten” – it’s a lot better. But Swedish seasons obviously go: Summer < Fall < Winter < Spring.

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