100 day song challenge #64

#64 A song you wish you could play on an instrument

A Match Made in Heaven. It’d fit so many of these prompts. This one for example. But I’ve already picked that song.

I figured that since the wording is wish you could play I’m going to have to go with an instrument I don’t play. Because if I really wanted to play a song, then I would. On the piano. I’m not saying I’d do it well, I’m just saying I’d figure out a way to make it work for me.

…you know what, actually. I don’t walk around wishing I could play songs. This is actually one of very few things I’ve definitely outgrown.

I’m going to call this a freebie and just pick a song I really like. I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to play Mariam the Believer’s Blood Donation anyway? For the simple reason that it is good.

This lady, she’s amazing. She gets far too little attention, in life in general.


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