Preparing to move #4

Numbering these entries was a brilliant idea on my part. Keeping track of numbers, it’s truly something I excel at. And I’m only on four…jeez.

Today! I decided it was time to get familiar with the area. Which is probably something most people do before they decide to buy a new place to live. Apparently not one of my priorities. (??)

So I used my lunch hour to walk to the building site, looked at it from afar, observed that it was…not quite as close to work as one might like. Then again, that’s why I have a car.

Quite a nice walk though, I walked along a stream and through a park for most of the way. Which I’m sure will look lovely once we see the end of this dirty spring. At least it stopped snowing…

Next up: find shortcut to work. I’m sure there is one.


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