In which I’m kinda upset by association

Jessica Almenäs has, in one fell swoop, made me want to stop eating anything that could be interpreted as healthy and hide the fact that I do on occasion visit the gym.

Her recent comment on Lady Dahmer is so void of respect for other people, so vastly unintelligent and uninformed, I don’t want be or do anything that is even remotely associated with her.

And unfortunately she also seems to be under the impression that she is a feminist.

Not sure if I should laugh or cry.

Bad news: there is no way to argue with people like this. Although I’m sure many are trying to. Hardly think I’m the only person upset on Lady Dahmer’s behalf.

I just hope one of those people is a proper hacker. People like Jessica should at least struggle to get their message out. (Note to self: become hacker.)

Short recap of the events for any non-Swedish reader:

Lady Dahmer is a well known feminist and blogger who writes and talks a lot about body positivity. I.e. she’s critical of the current “health” obsession (read: forever ungoing obsession with being skinny no matter what). Rightly so I would say. Jessica, however, who’s some sort of boring media person (TV show host?), considers this an attack on her person, thinks body positivity is about telling people to eat in order to become fat (?????) and points to the “fat epidemic”. Like JFC, what are you like 12???

Personal opinion: if anyone is to blame for the fat epidemic it is politicians allowing this capitalist system in which companies are allowed to make money by selling products we don’t actually need.

That and the fact that a vast majority of us are forced to be locked into offices for hours and hours a day to make some sort of a living. I think we should talk about this more rather than who’s too fat/too skinny and whether or not that is healthy. It is not going to solve anything. It’s a structural problem, not individual.

It’s like this: I’m vegan right? Except for…when a bowl of M&M’s is staring me in the face. All reason goes out the window. A higher power (the State) needs come in and take charge (remove M&M’s off the market) because my primitive brain, it has no sense.

Now, I will have M&M’s until I’m sick. So I’m already feeling bad, I don’t need to have people telling me that I shouldn’t have the M&M’s, it’s not going to make anything any better what so ever. Mental health: sadly overlooked. But also: if a person can eat a bowl of M&M’s and not feel sick, who the fuck are you to tell them they should feel sick? (Yup, I’m a big believer in the Law of Jante.)

As I was saying, it’s a problem with the system and that’s what we should be talking about.

Even if I’m on Lady Dahmer’s side. Even if I love anyone who points out that the “health” obsession is in fact unhealthy (well duh, it’s an obsession), that if dieting worked we’d all be skinny already, that maybe what is most unhealthy is feeling bad about your body, etc.!

I could read that all day every day.

Actually, what is most unhealthy is thinking it’s OK to be disrespectful for the sake of “health”. It is a behavior known in schools as bullying. And honestly, you’re not concerned about anyone’s health when you tell them they are fat/need to lose weight/similar, we all know that’s not what it’s about, so don’t try and pretend it is. To sum up: clearly your mindset is not OK and you need help. I am concerned about your health (no I’m not, I just think you’re stupid and I don’t want to see you anymore).

OK then, I’m going to go before I tangle myself up even more.

You’ll know where to find me from now on. The couch. Or the snacks isle. Only two places I’ll be from now on.

2 thoughts on “In which I’m kinda upset by association”

    1. Å det hände typ nyss, står om det på Lady Dahmers blogg. Värt att läsa, om man orkar med att vara lite upprörd.

      Fattar ej heller folk som kommenterar på hennes blogg i allmänhet. Alltså om ni inte gillar det hon skriver, läs en annan blogg eller??? Eller ännu bättre, skriv en egen blogg? Det är liksom hennes utrymme, respektera FFS.

      Fast jag vet inte varför jag i det fallet har så höga tankar om folk, de visar ju igen och igen att vi är ett värdelöst och korkat släkte rent generellt.

      Liked by 1 person


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