Things to do on a Sunday #8

When you wake up at what can only be described as an ungodly hour for a Sunday (a.k.a. same time you wake up for work), get dressed, lace up your shoes and head out for a walk.

I know I know, it’s going to be cold, but give it a couple of minutes and you’ll be happy it’s not warmer out.

! Before heading out, make sure you’ve got two things available on your listening device of choice:

  1. A good podcast. Penntricket is an obvious choice, but if, like me, you’ve already listened to all of the episodes, an interview with a random woman with a pleasant voice talking about life will do. Such as Amanda Ooms. Who will put you right in the mood for…
  2. Einstürzende Neubauten’s Alles wieder offen.

Enjoy having the streets all to yourself (give or take one or two people and their dogs).

Time your walk so that when the podcasts ends you can swing by the store and get some fresh strawberries. Listen to Alles wieder offen on your way back home.

If I had to chose between mornings and nights, I’d pick mornings every time.


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