I have a lot of questions #3

Why do I always make at least ONE spelling mistake in each post? I read through most posts more than once. I swear I know how to spell too! Someone pls explain.

Why is it that I can’t have PB in the house without wolfing the entire jar down in a day? More importantly, can I learn how not to?? I ♥ PB.

Who gave mathematics permission to disregard any and all grammar rules?? I want the permission revoked immediately!

Why can’t Catherine de’ Medici and Mary Queen of Scots do more scheming?? It was the best part of this series. The. Best.

How do I make Pinterest stop showing me school-related pins?? I’m unfollowing and unliking like a crazy person THEY KEEP COMING BACK!!

Similarly, I don’t want this crap in my Pinterest feed, but more importantly, could Lifehack maybe consider hiring a native speaker to proof-read??? One example out of a zillion similar in my feed:


English is obvs. not my native tongue, but even I can tell this is just wrong.

Why do people keep using ` and/or ´ when they really mean ‘ ??? Can you honestly say you can’t tell the difference?? Or do you struggle to find the right key? I’d really like to know if I’m supposed to be handing out a map or explanation.

Why is iTunes? Yes you read that right! Why. Is. Just why is??

Why is the Admissions Office calling me with questions about entry requirements? Isn’t that their specialty??

WHY did I leave the shower doors in the attic? WHY didn’t I just get rid of them when I had my bathroom redone? WHY? (Oh yeah, I wasn’t going to move EVER.)

Is there any way I can have a cat? Or two? I miss having a cat so much.

When this guy has had enough of us and this world, just what the hell are we going to do?? We need a backup!


Why is it I still haven’t learned that a new cat will always be a different cat, not the same??

Why is the use of cuticle cream such a difficult habit to acquire?

When is the release of Robyn’s Honey, when???

5 thoughts on “I have a lot of questions #3”

        1. Haha 😀 Om ändå det bara kunde vara lika roligt att läsa om missar folk gör som det är att faktiskt försöka få dem att rätta till dem. Kanske bara är ett attitydproblem en borde jobba med?



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