Why I stopped being vegan

I love YouTube. It frequently makes me feel Oh good, it’s not just me!

Which is a main reason why I keep watching Why I stopped beaing vegan videos, because been there, done that.

I love Why I stopped being vegan videos. It’s just a long list of poor and uninformed excuses to start eating meat again, which makes me feel confident that going back to a vegan diet was the right choice.

I’m not blaming them by any means! As mentioned, I did that too once (except for I never went meat-eater, I went pescetarian.) Being vegan is breaking a habit and it’s hard, especially is you don’t have many vegans in your immediate environment.

There was one girl I watched (why would anyone watch anything but girls on YouTube?) who had a reason that was almost convincing. Binge eater, felt restricted on a vegan diet, stopped. I get it. But I also think she should give it another go. There are lots and lots of things you can eat as a vegan! You just need to get into the habit, which I admit will take time, just don’t give up! Erm, right…

Coincidentally stumbled on another binge eater who stopped being vegan. Unfortunately unaware of her ED, unfortunately presented probably the worst excuse I’ve heard so far. Basically, she decided that vegans are all spreading lies, the majority of animals are treated well at farms, and so it’s OK to eat.

Right. Yes. Vegans, they make much money on spreading misinformation about conditions on farms (???). Whereas the farmers…don’t?

Also. Could someone please explain to me how it’s OK to eat an animal because it’s had a good life. I mean does this apply to humans too? Any human killed who’s had a good life, it’s OK? Oh no dear, this is no tragedy, the children killed in the accident all had a good life.

This girl had another brilliant reason. Namely, a low iron value. Which she explained while having her protein powder.


So you’re telling me you know about protein powder but not iron supplements? PS. HI, I also struggle with iron absorption, yes also genetic, my mum + sis have it too. And they’re omnivores. Not to mention, last time I had my iron checked I was on a vegan diet, not taking -any- supplements and my iron value was just fine – better than when I was having dairy and fish mind you! My guess: if your iron is low it’s because you’re starving. I. Should. Know.

I do wonder tho. If you have a fitness channel, which I understand as a keen interest in health, should you not be aware of the research pointing to the benefits of a vegan diet not to mention the fact that you are suffering from an eating disorder? I’m just. Confused.

OK, I lie, I’m kinda upset. I was staring at this video in disblief for all of the 15 minutes it lasted. How does this channel have hundres of thousands of subscribers? Are people that uncritical? Or they subscribe in spite of?

At the same time…I take comfort in knowing that people don’t always make the most informed decisions. Who can’t relate to that?? There are so many choices to be made, you will be making a bunch of them on a whim. Which is fine, but arguing that in fact was not on a whim, now that just seems daft.

Speaking of research and vegan; did also stumble on a channel that a. frequently referred to research and b. claimed that there is now research pointing to being vegan is the best for PCO. So you know, good news for me!

If we’re being honest, there are so many reasons to be vegan. So. Many. It’s really just a matter of finding the one that will convince you. For me, it’s not the maltreatment of animals, I mean partly, but it’s not the main one, it’s also no the waste of resources – what do I care if mankind dies? It’s the  paying people to kill animals I have a problem with. The actual giving of the money. Such awful behaviour should not be enouraged.

And clearly, I’m also a cheap bastard.

That and I was brainwashed. Repeatedly watching people making vegan food going nomnom! I’m a simple kind of person.

4 thoughts on “Why I stopped being vegan”

  1. Ethically we should all be vegans, obviously.
    Kastar lite sten i glashus eftersom jag inte är det själv, men men. I’m fairly sure I could deal with being vegetarian (already eat like that half of the week), but as for vegan… the cheeses, how can you live without the cheeses? 😦

    Alltså, en liten rant. Lägg till hur mycket antibiotika de sprutar in i djuren (vet att Sverige är typ bäst i klassen, dock inte perfekta). Här är det nått folk inte ens vet/pratar om, och då är NL bland de sämre i EU… så ja, det är nog bara veganerna som har lobbyister på sin sida.

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    1. Well. There are vegan cheeses. Although I’m quite unsure of the availablity where you are, but we’ve got a number of good options here, and I’m talking both the hard kind and the spread kind. Astrid och aporna for example make some really nicely seasoned cheeses using coconut oil as base (doesn’t taste coconut at all tho), they work excellent for melting too.

      In the UK (and I think the bigger Swedish cities too) you can get Violife, which is usually a fave: http://www.violifefoods.com/our-products/.

      For me though, I just think about calves being taken from their mothers and that usually convinces me dairy is a terrible idea, no matter how tasty.

      Also, it is a habit. There are other tasty things you could be having, just stop having cheese as an option. I know I make it sound as it if was easy when in reality breaking a habit is just about as difficult as it gets.

      That being said, looking forward to trying out a vegan feta today, I have high hopes!

      Fast mest av allt* saknar jag keso. Tror dock att det är en konsistensgrej.

      *Mest av allt = en gång varannan månad, ca. Råkar vara just nu.

      Plus, avokado på macka, slår ju ost med MILES?? (Fast jag vet ju inte i vilket sammanhang du saknar ost. Kanske som, pajtopping? )


      1. De är ju efter med det mesta här, laktosfria alternativ för mjölk och yogurt har sålts i kanske.. 3 år i vanliga affärer? När jag flyttade hit var en tvungen att gå till specialaffär för att ens hitta bulgur. Jag tror att kanske “ekoplaza” har vegan-alternativ för vanlig ost, men jag tänkte mest på de fantastiska “smelly French cheeses”!

        Har länge tänkt att jag skulle ha provat att äta vegetariskt en hel (jaja) månad, för att se hur det går, men J är inte med på det hela så jag fortsätter skjuta upp…

        Såg en vegetarian säga att avokado på rostad macka var jättegott. Låter lite märkligt men jag är villig att testa.

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        1. Jomen det finns det! Fast ja, oklart hur svårt det är att få tag på. Här finns taste-test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P39J8MxFJnA och https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmqK0D-kdew. (värt att se oavsett om man är intresserad av veganost eller ej, tror jag iaf?).

          Hmm. Du får göra upp en plan, hitta de allra bästa recepten, planera hela månaden med the deliciousness så att han inte kan säga nej. Vad för slags mat gillar han?

          😀 Jag brukar köra min med senap under + någon slags vitlökskrydda eller wasabi, lite örtsalt, kanske peppar, ibland en tomat på. Det är som divine. Men det beror ju helt på vad man gillar. Men rekommenderar varmt att kombinera med någon typ av stark krydda.



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