What vegans eat; Soup soup tasty soup

I’d love to be the sort of person who regularly has soup, but I tend to like the idea more than the reality of it.

Making soup is so messy. Bringing soup to work—can also be messy. I’m no fan of the mess, too impractical.

For example! Last time I made soup, a version of golden coconut lentil soup, it kind of ended with lots of this golden coconut broth on my white counter. The golden part obviously being turmeric. Which obviously stains quite badly. Sooo…not too happy about the cleaning required.

Very tasty soup tho!

My favorite go-to soup is a different soup—been making it for years. It’s very humble parsnip soup. V. v. easy to make. You need:

500 g parsnips
6 dl water
1.5 dl white wine*
2 stock cubes
250 ml iMat (or any vegan cream substitute)

*I use a cooking wine, but I’m sure whatever you fancy is fine, just don’t skip it! Because this is what really makes this soup.

Just chop up the parsnip—doesn’t have to be neat or particularly small! Just small enough to be quite soft after cooking for about 10 minutes.

Add parsnip, water, stock cubes and white wine to a pan and cook for approx. 10 minutes.

Blend it smooth and add the iMat + pepper to taste.

For a bit of crunch, throw in some roasted chickpeas.

Serve with hard bread**, mustard + avocado and a bit of spice. My go-to is a wasabi + sesame mix.


Yes, also topped with some smoked paprika for good measure.

And if you’re concerned about your protein intake, make a soygurt + rice protein + berries and a bit of date syrup dessert. Yea, that’s where I’m currently at in my life.


** Because this is a Swedish invention, I will take the liberty of making a literal translation of what we call this type of bread around these parts and call it a “correct translation”. (If you’re ever translating, don’t do that, that’s not how you do it.) 

4 thoughts on “What vegans eat; Soup soup tasty soup”

  1. Haha, love the footnote. I have a (futile) monthly discussion at work every time they refer to knäckebröd (jaja, hårdbröd) as “crackers”. At this point I know they’re saying it just to annoy me, but it works anyway.

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      1. Det marknadsförs t.o.m. som “knäckebröd” här (av Wasa!), men de ser ä och ö som a och med med typ dekoration, så de säger knackebrod eller crackers 🙂



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