A book about girls


I’m underwhelmed.

I’ve just finished reading The Girls by Emma Cline, and I’ve concluded the following:

My taste is extremely narrow. I only like overly feminist works where women are angry and mean, and/or books that read like lyrics.

Yes, Cline makes a few feminist points, like this one:


Excellent point. Though not enough to keep my interest.

I did also like the following pessimistic observation:


Sure, she’s an excellent writer, the flow is impressive. But I struggled with this book. I could easily put it aside and forget about it for weeks. It didn’t draw me in.

Something about it makes me think of The Virgin Suicides. The light? The slow pace?

I can see that it’s good writing, but technical skills alone don’t impress me, nor keep my interest. I mean what does this teach me about the world? That some people are creeps? That men are sexist pigs and women let them? Well, gee, had no idea.

How do I even get this upset by such an inoffensive book?


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