3 songs using allusions

Allusion has to be my favorite figure of speech. Especially when used in lyrics.

Basically, what an allusion is, is an indirect reference to another text.

For example!

My Ruin; Terror. I had a dream Joe, that you were standing in the middle of an open road //I had a dream Joe that your hands were raised up to the sky and your mouth was covered in foam. Alludes to Nick Cave’s I had a dream, Joe.

Tairrie (i.e. the My Ruin vocalist) is the queen of allusions, she uses it in lyrics often and well. The entire Relief Through Release record reads like a long allusion to some of the best parts of 90s pop culture. I especially enjoy the Romeo + Juliet references in Omnia Vinat Amor. So well done.

Casey; Hell. Someday you will ache, the way I ache. To be fair, I don’t know if this is actually an allusion or just coincidence, unlike Tairrie. She is a Nick Cave fan; it’s def no coincidence. Plus it’d be a weird coincidence. This though, it is a repeat of a line in Hole’s Doll parts. 

Markus Krunegård; Everybody hurts. Obviously refers to R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts: Där lärde jag mig gilla Everyboy Hurts (English: It’s where I learned to love Everybody Hurts). Unusually clumsy reference for being Markus; he’s usually so good with words.

3 thoughts on “3 songs using allusions”

  1. Allusions are great! I always feel extra special whenever i recognize the references. Intertextuality was part of my english course last year and we learnt a lot about allusion and other intertextual figures. — also btw i found h&m eye shadows on sale for 10 kr each yesterday, purchased purple, green and a blue and they’re great so thanks for the suggestion!

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    1. Yup, exactly how I feel 🙂 I kinda suspect that’s part of the point, flatter the reader, chancer are higher s/he will like your text. I mean partly.

      Excellent choice of colors! 🙂 Hope you’ll get along well. (And if not, 10 bucks a piece? Could have lost the money and never noticed.)


      1. Yeah that’s probably it! It works on me at least so they’re doing it right for the most part!

        And yeah exactly! The blue eyeshadow i purchased from wet n wild that disappointed me was 34 NOK so if they’re mediocre, at least i got 3 for less than that one.

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