Goodbye to June

June was an excellent month in terms of music.

A. I learned to love Korn

I had decided long ago Korn was not a band for me. Because whyyy would anyone bother with Korn when you could be listening to Tura Satana?

And if you know your music history you can quickly deduce that this was a decision I made in the late 90s.

However. Their latest releases are so my taste. I mean Black is the Soul; I can’t not like it. And if there is something I love is learning to like a band I’ve previously…not been to keen on. Put mildly.

Question is. Is it worth while seeing Korn live at this point in time? Or is it just too late?

B. New releases

In This Moment’s Roots. Insanely catchy track. Also in love with the Oh Lord video. It’s the perfect blend of Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson.

Pvris; What’s Wrong. This song alone is reason enough for me to brave Fryshuset in November. Really. Though I still hesitate. Because Stockholm. It is not a place I love visiting. Even less so since having been to Malmö for the first time. Why can’t all bands just play there? Not least because so far, pretty much all venues in Sweden seem to be better than Fryshuset. Fryshuset can’t even get the sound anywhere near acceptable.

C. (Re)discovering old releases

Deaf Havana’s Anemophobia. Both the first part on the Fools and Worthless Liars album, and this second part which isn’t on Spotify (I think?).

Crystal Castles’ I’m not in love. Found it on an old mixed CD I keep in the car. It’s still brilliant. As I’m sure you know.

I basically want all songs to feature Robert Smith and be this sad.

David Bowie’s I’m deranged from the Lost Highway soundtrack. Has to be my favorite Bowie track. (Popular opinion, yes?)

D. Architects

Played in Malmö and as you might imagine, it was brilliant. Might just have been the best one so far. Even if it was on the sweaty side (tho not as sweaty/lacking oxygen as Thrice at the Forum last year).

Malmo was excellent thank you @edmasonphoto

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D. Deaf Havana booked a UK tour

And I’m apparently going to the Brighton show. I mean probably. I’ve got a ticket, I just haven’t made any travel arrangements. Or checked if I can have time off. I’ve got a creeping suspicion we might have something booked at work.

Not that -that- would necessarily stop me. I have no work ethics.

Reading was also not bad, mainly because of

Bitterfittan 2 by Maria Sveland

It is decidedly one of the great feminist novels. Oh yes, it’s a fact, not at all a matter of opinion.

Gawd I love being so friggin old I don’t even care if nobody agrees with me. Not that I cared before, I was just more likely to be influenced by the opinions of others, whereas now, if you tell me this is not a good book/not feminist, I’m just going to think you’re wrong.

Most reviewers have basically hated this book.

What a lot of bores.

This is how I know it’s summer: I start wearing activewear to work. I.e., it is now summer in Sweden.

This makes sense. Wearing the activewear I mean. I can go straight from work to workout without changing. Which I feel comfortable with because working at uni, there’s pretty much no one working in the summer. Or at least they’re not at the office. Except for me. Because I’m admin and use my holidays for going to shows that are not in summer.

That being said.

Leggings. It is a gift from the gods. I can’t be bothered with clothes that restrict movement. Cannot! Just give me a pair of leggings and a loose top. It’s all I want to wear, ever.

Although. I do realize that it is at times inappropriate. Unfortunate that. I would prefer being oblivious. Being oblivious is so underrated.

A few things were less than brilliant.

My period has suddenly decided it’s going to be regular. WHY HAS THIS EVIL BEFALLEN ME I AM TOO OLD ETC.

On the one hand, it’s great, no extra hormones for me (..might also mean I’m healthier than I have been, but what’s the fun in that?), on the other, my period is evil.

Regular period means more opportunities for it to turn up uninvited. And it likes to do that.

Period: Travel you say!? I shall come along for the ride.
Me: NOoooooOO.

Which leads me to….

I love Clue and all, but it can’t predict my periods for shit.

Me: Yup, that’ll be another 7 days then.
Clue: 25 days to go!
Me: WHY am I giving you ALL THIS INFO and all you give me is a goddamn average number??? Might as well be using a calculator! Are you seriously telling me you can’t see the signs!? Because I fucking can.
Clue: *remains clueless*
Me: *rolls eyes*

We’re currently not in agreement.

And one correction.

I dyed my hair. As mentioned last month. Aaand. It’s not going to be the last time. Forgot how much I love this color, even if it stains all that isn’t black.

Guess it just means I need more black things in my life.

Next month

I’ll just be waiting for August and vacation.

16 thoughts on “Goodbye to June”

  1. The PVRIS song was really good! I feel you on the period thing, it has been so irregular and non existent since i got my nexplanon implant, not looking forward to it coming back again sometime next year..


    1. Isn’t it though!? Can’t wait for the album release.

      Does it have to come back though? I mean there are other hormones that could prevent it. If it’s an issue with the implant? Not that I’m necessarily recommending being on hormones, just curious about the reason I guess.


      1. Gonna have to check that out too!

        Well, the gynecologist recommended giving the body a few months off to do like a cleanse and see if my period pains have subsided before putting in a new one, since it was the pain that made me get one in the first place! 🙂


        1. Ah, I see! The reasons they have for giving us the hormones, just endless… Headache? Try some hormones!

          Only sort of kidding. I am a fan of hormones for many things, just a shame about the environment and when side effects are less than desirable.


          1. Yeah, side effects are a bummer! Mine were bad, like i gained weight in dec 2014 when i quit smoking because i turned to snacking when i had cravings, then in the summer of 2015 i got the implant and BOY did i gain even more weight, and now the hormones are keeping it stable instead of letting me lose weight 😦


          2. Oh yes, that old favorite. Hormones are evil for sure. Though not as evil as patriarchy making us think we need to lose weight to begin with. JFC we’re not children, should thusly not have physiques as such. (Yes HI, some people talk to god and I talk to patriarchy at random. As if it’s ever-present and listening. Reading?)


          3. Thats true! I just want my old favorite pair of bell bottom jeans to fit again! 😦 addressing the patriarchy is good, not enough people speak up against it.


          4. That’s true– I had to throw out my fave pjs because they were literally falling apart from being used too much 😦 And i like your new gravatar icon, red haired friend!


          5. Ah yeah washing out is an issue.. i usually use a box dye on first application then top up with manic panic dye or similar since i get more uses out of it.


          6. I do Manic Panic throughout, because so far the only vegan + cruelty free I can get a hold of here. But! Apparently there are ways to make it last longer. There’s even a wiki how-to on it (gawd I’m a poor researcher), will be trying asap.


          7. I just looked it up too! Had to laugh at the “dont wash your hair for two days” bit and how bad they made it sound, i only wash my hair 1-2 times a week anyways. 😂


          8. …eeehhhmmm..some of us might need it. When I was dying my hair red last time around (I was in my mid teens), I washed my hair every single day of the week. Regardless. Considering that though, weird that it lasted at all?

            As for now, I kinda feel like at least I’m doing one thing right!? I wonder about that vinegar rinse though. What does that do really? I just don’t get what it’d do. I mean, I use vinegar for cleaning, seems counterproductive? But then, what do I know about chemistry really…



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