What the Health


Watching What the Health through some strategically placed lupins.

Yes, it is vegan propaganda. I ♥ vegan propaganda.

If you have Netflix and haven’t watched it already, you really should get to it.

If you haven’t got Netflix…well then this is your excuse to get it. It’s what I did.

Having watched What the Health I feel two things:

On the one hand, I’m afraid of living. The meat industry scares the hell out of me.

On the other, since I don’t eat meat, I’m apparently never going to get sick and die. This lovely little docu tells me I can stop worrying about all diseases, because if you don’t eat meat there is no way for you to get sick. I’m also assuming I’ll never die?

You’d think if you have consumed the animal products in the past, you’re screwed, but apparently, once you get on the vegan diet you undo it all. (I want to believe, but it seems a bit too easy. For one.)

Favorite part, one doctor’s response to people who say that their body reacted badly to coming off the omnivore diet: There is no such thing as a dead, decaying flesh deficiency.

I thought that was kinda funny.


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