Current hair routine

I’ve been thinking. About my hair routine. As one does.

This is by no means a how-to, it’s merely an observation. And an ode to cold water. Cold water people!

While I’m not much of a minimalist in general, I feel my hair routine is almost there.

Hair wash every 3 days


I use either a hydrating salon shampoo, or, my current fave, Maria Nila Soft, followed by a Maria Nila hair masque and/or the Maria Nila conditioner mixed with Lush’s Retread.

I mix the two conditioners because unfortunately, the Lush conditioner does nothing for me, but I do like the smell. And it seems stupid to just throw it away?

Do I have to justify not using more budget-friendly products? I feel I do. I also feel I can’t. What can I say, I’ve bought into the whole more expensive = better. I might be imagining things, it’s not as if I’ve done a study.

But do you know what I still find is far more important than ANY of this?

All of this is just cancelled out if I skip this one step:


When washing the hair, finish by rinsing it in cold water. Well actually, I just wash my hair in cold water these days. I swear to you that it makes more of a difference than any choice of product. The question is, if I’ll stick it out in the winter too. I usually don’t.

Cold water is only topped by good genes. Which I don’t have. And PCO to boot. So. Yay?

Leave to dry

I rarely blow dry my hair. Which I use as an excuse to…

Straighten & volumize

Trade-off! Blow drier for straightener.

I do straighten my hair post washing. So twice a week then. I have this lovely GA.MA. straightener, it is the best ever.


I also have a crappy (much newer) GA.MA. straightener. It’s pink. Not the reason it’s bad obvs. It feels like it gets caught up in your hair as you straighten it. Whereas this red/black version just goes smoothly through your hair.

And use a volume master. It is good, but absolutely vile to look at. Cleaning it, at this point, does not help.

For heat protection I use Maria Nila (well duh) and Lee Stafford. Did think the Lee Stafford was less than great initially, but now we get along just fine. Which is good; it smells divine. I’d wear it as a perfume for sure.

No dry shampoo, no styling products

I quit the dry shampoo when I started volumizing again, becaaauuuseee…volumizing keeps your hair feeling fairly clean, i.e. not oily, for a good number of days; it seemed redundant to do both.

But I do sometimes (often) wear it up. Because I see it as my mission in life to be inappropriate. As in be 35, wear hair as if you’re 5. Space buns, high pony, different half-ups, pig tails, braids…I do all of it.

I also wear a pony tail to bed. Reason: when I ovulate I get nightly sweats that get really bad if I wear my hair down. The body is just a goddamn mystery… And anyway. Makes the hair less flat + straightening lasts better.

Hair dye approx. once a month


Manic Panic’s Vampire Red is my color of choice because a. vegan + cruelty free, and b. it’s a semi-permanent, could practically be considered a treatment, and c. you don’t have to bleach first. I mean you could, but you don’t have to.

Thought it was about time, you know, after 6 months of dying, to read up on the best way to do it. There’s plenty info out there if you can be bothered to look. Which, mostly, I can’t. Because I’m of the Instructions?! I don’t read the instructions! school of thought.


I’ve just got myself the amplified version of the Manic Panic Vampire Red + the tool kit, and carefully studied the wiki how-to.


Currently of the persuasion not a necessity. But then I want it long and grungy. So that I can swing it about as if I’m Jonathan Davis. (Too much Korn? There is no such thing!)

Sometimes I wonder just who I think I am. This is one such time.

I might give the hair the occasional trim. When brushing become an actual struggle. Then I might.

Speaking of which.


I go through periods where I think brushing is kind of overkill. But if I do, I use one of these two guys:


Comb for when the hair is wet and I don’t want it to dry funny. The bamboo brush is highly underrated. I don’t know what you all are doing running around with your plastic brushes. I am never going back!

It is possible I’m imagining things, but it feels as if -any- plastic brush adds static electricity. That seems kind of counterproductive?

Current state of hair


For being me: probably the best it’s been. Ever. Also the longest it’s been for ten years.

So now. I’m just waiting for it to go gray, forcing me to change the routine entirely because who knows how it’ll behave then??

But also. Can’t wait! Imagine all the pastels you’ll be able to throw at it and not bleach?!

17 thoughts on “Current hair routine”

  1. Such a vibrant color! Mine lacks the depth that you have. I always shower in cold water! I used to shower in really warm water and was annoyed with my skin feeling dry and my scalp suffering but switching to cold water did wonders!


    1. Also wanted to say that the PVRIS song you shared has earned a permanent place on my playlist on spotify– that doesn’t happen often outside of when I search for new music myself!


    2. Well you know what you gotta do! Manic Panic all the way! 🙂

      I find it such a struggle. Tend to think of showers as opportunity to get my heat up (I have the blood circulation of a very old person); I need to reprogram.


          1. Ah yes, I feel weird already for “only” having three weeks straight, which quite frankly feels like a waste. I might need my days later, I mean what if NIN comes to play on a Wednesday, you know??


          2. Would you want to though? I mean if you had say…8 weeks of vacay a year then maybe. Although I’d rather spread it out I have to say. You?

            Either way, where to this time??


          3. Yeah, agree! We take 3 weeks every other or third year, but the days are gone so fast then. And what is there then to look forward to?!

            Jamen Timrå! Var hem till midsommar och mammas födelsedag. Stötte t.o.m. på din bror ute i skogen i Matfors.



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