Making life more difficult on purpose

Here’s one of the many things that makes me a bad vegan: I sometimes forget that when purchasing a new product, i.e. from previously unknown brand, you need to first check if they tests on animals.

I don’t always remember this.

Sometimes I’m in a panic and I’m going away and I need to bring a deodorant that takes up no space because only hand luggage, and it’s a liquid und so weiter!

Person in shop gives you a brilliant idea: get a cream deodorant, put in small travel container. Brilliant idea! Do I think further than that? I do not.

Proceeds to use product; falls in love.

Suddenly remember that I don’t know if it’s cruelty-free or not.

The brand is very unhelpfully called Bats.

Try finding any info about that and not just end up on pages about, well, bats.

Solution: turn the damn thing around!

Cederroth. That’s a name I’m familiar with. Creeping suspicion they test on animals.

Aaaand. The internet is not helpful as there are people saying it’s vegan, and there are people saying they include parts of pigs in their products.


But apparently they’re owned by another company (Orkla) who tests on animals because they sell their products in China. Not cruelty-free then.

And, China, I am currently very angry with you. You’ve done so well and come so far when it comes to the environment, how are you still testing on animals???

I could ignore this. I sometimes do. I buy stuff from brands that are owned by companies that do test on animals. I’m starting to think that I might have to rethink this decision.

Well. I always knew that the day would come, I was just going to ease myself into it. Might be time.

So now, not only do I need a CF deodorant, it also has to be cream because I obsessed with cream.

So yea. Making my life more difficult, one day at a time.

Good news: Meow Meow Tweet seems to meet all my criteria, and it’s pretty, and it’s free from nasties.

Goddamn Orkla not only owns Bats, but also a gaggle of other products I’ve been using becuase they used to be CF and easy to come by (Grumme, LdB, Bliw, Salvequick).

So that’s. Great.

You know what I wonder. Since we have the warning labels on cigarettes, couldn’t we get them on products containing/tested on animals. INCLUDING PICTURES. In the name of transparency. Consumers have a right to know exactly what it is they’re buying, right?

Not that I’m entirely sure that it would work on people in general. I just listened to the radio (whyyyyy) where a very clever radio presenter argued that Peta was particularly stupid tweeting the following:

She argued that because EVERYONE (yes, she said everyone) thinks bacon is tasty, Peta was stupid for tweeting this.


I have no hope for humanity. Literally none. We deserve whatever hell we get. All of it.

Soo…pigs deserve to die because EVERYONE likes the taste of bacon?


Excellent argument. Especially the everyone part.

I mean I get that it might be hard to give bacon up if you like bacon. And that’s a big IF. I have on good authority that there are meat eaters who do not like bacon, SO, even excluding those of us avoiding the decaying flesh… If there was ever a time where not all men! was appropriate, this is it.

But sure, there are people with a bacon habit making it difficult to give up. I get that.

What Peta is doing though, is they’re assuming you have empathy, and if they provide you with knowledge about where bacon comes from and what it does to your health and our planet you might change you mind.

The problem here is not that Peta is stupid, the problem is that they are under the faulty assumption that people eat bacon because they lack knowledge, not because they lack empathy and/or compassion. I’d like to think that too. However. People don’t have empathy, they don’t care and they don’t want to change. Clearly.

I get that too, that general mindset. What does it matter to me if we ruin the planet? I don’t have kids. Go right ahead, make life for future generations miserable. I’m sure they deserve it.

…still not getting why the pigs have to suffer because we’re a stupid race. Or well. I guess that is the very reason.

Kinda upset that this the radio presenter is paid by tax money, and that no one contradicted her stupidity and lack of knowledge in the least.

But then, tax money is wasted on plenty other things. Politicians in general being an excellent example.

So now I can’t ever listen to the radio again. Too upsetting. Because this presenter is on all (and unlike her, when I say all, I mean all) of the very few shows I’ve previously been able to stand. (It might be the case she was already annoying, and this was just the final straw.)

I dunno why I’m complaining about that really. Just means more Korn for me.

12 thoughts on “Making life more difficult on purpose”

    1. also, the tags showing for this post in the reader is “vegan, cruelty-free, bacon”, which made me think of the possibility for vegan bacon to exist..


      1. Oh but there is! There’s plenty fake bacon you could get, and some people with proper cooking skills like to make it from mushrooms or aubergine. It’s all about the spices and how you prepare it, it seems.

        Example for those of us lacking skills: And here’s an interesting one where they use coconut flakes:

        Haven’t tried though, never did like bacon. 😛


        1. I can’t have anything containing soy so a lot of vegan alternatives won’t work for me 😦 The coconut one might work though!


          1. Ah yes, life as a vegan but not able to enjoy the soy is a bit tricky, though not impossible.

            However. Just me or, why would you ever choose dead pig over -coconut- now that you the option exists??


          2. Well i don’t eat regular bacon anyways, I’ve only had turkey bacon because I hate the smell of meat!


  1. Assssååååå. Nu ska jag visa mina vegansympatier. VET DU (ja, garanterat, det är en retorisk fråga) hur många köttätare som säger “ja, vegetarianer/veganer är väl okej. så länge de inte talar om för mig vad jag ska/inte ska äta”. Medans jag ALDRIG hört en vegetarian/vegan tala om för nån vad de “ska” äta.
    Om det inte är ett indirekt erkännande av att de egentligen vet att de har den moraliska “lowground”, så vet jag inte vad som är.

    Och och och. Hur irriterande är det inte att de som har barn verkar vara de som bryr sig MINST om planeten/miljön? (obs, här i NL) Visst källsortera, men sen flyga till Thailand varje vinter.


    1. 😀

      Ja I know!

      Kanske de inte orkar pga har barn? Eller är de bara onda? Barn = egoistiskt projekt? Försöker bena ut här!

      På samma tema: en köttätare till mig helt apropå inget annat än att jag äter veganskt: “Men du flyger väl ibland?” Som om det skulle liksom vara en motsägelse till vegansk kosthållning. Man blir som lite trött.



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