Three songs in German to convince you German is a beautiful language

I am sick and tired of the comment German is such an ugly language.

Sick. Tired. Also it’s wrong. I mean have heard it? So crisp.

Pick another language pick on already! (And don’t say Finnish. I ♥ Finnish, also*, it’s not ugly.) I’m putting my vote on Spanish. What the hell kind of language is that?

I listen to enough German music to know that there is nothing inherent in German making it ugly. If it’s ugly, it’s because you can’t pronounce it/because you have an ugly voice.

Let’s have three examples of people who can pronounce it, and who’re just 100% pleasant to listen to.

GLORIA; Das, was passiert. Showing how German is prettier than English. If there was every any doubt. If it at all matters which is prettier.

I’m leaning towards NO.

Einstürzende Neubauten; Die Wellen. The album version might make a stronger case though, but the Blixa. Has the best German. Also the best English. What do you mean this is not a fact but rather an opinion???

This tour. It was all sorts of great.

Philipp Poisel; Erkläre mir die Liebe. Could listen to all day every day.

I could give you a hundred more examples. It’s a voice thing, not language. There are lots of people in das Deutschland with nice quality voices. Lots.

And don’t get me started on the specific characteristic sounds of the German language that I am mad obsessed with.

PS. Taste, ever heard of it? You can’t say that German is objectively an ugly language, which I would expect you to know if you work at uni doing research. Honestly.

And no, Rechnung is not an ugly word, only if pronounced by person who can’t pronounce German for shit.

YES! This rant was brought on by random professor person in lunch room all “German is such an ugly language.”

* German, means hence. Well. It could be translated as hence anyway. Although I doubt anyone would advice you to do that.

9 thoughts on “Three songs in German to convince you German is a beautiful language”

        1. If that’s true then that would mean you use more consonants when you’re angry. Kinda sure that’s not how expressing anger works. I’m going to argue that it was a carelss claim on behalf of the people in charge of your education.

          …on the other hand. If it was true that you do sound more angry in German for whatever reason, that would explain why I’m drawn to it.

          Not sure what to think now. Leave it at “Mmm pretty!”?


          1. Hmm, i’m not sure either! I’m sure everyone thinks the language sounds differently too! I’ve heard the same thing about russian too, and polish, that they sound angry because they have so many consonant sounds.. I don’t think they do but each to their own! But yeah, let’s just leave it at pretty! 🙂

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  1. Totally! I vote French and Dutch for ugly languages 😛
    (Was, no Ärzte?)

    I’ve seen several of those videos going around where they say that German sounds so angry… but most of the time it’s just the people doing them making the effort to sound aggressive. Could be done to all languages! (…except maybe Norwegian?)


    1. Only because I’d limited myself to three and felt like I go on about Ärzte all the time. (Don’t I?! Maybe it’s in my head.) Could have done three Ärzte only. One Farin, one Bela, and one actual Ärzte. Mebbe IFDG, because it is all sorts of opposite angry, Bela’s Lied des Tages, ditto + first lines Bela sings are just—this is going nowhere good right now, they’re great—aaaannnddd..well you’d have to pick Männer sind Schweine surely?

      And that is how easy it is to get me going on topic dÄ.

      I’m sure you can sound angry in Norwegian too. I mean there has to be black metal bands singing in Norwegian thusly it must have the ability to sound angry? I’m assuming. (Superlogik här, suuuuper.)


    2. ..wait. Also. Dutch? Living where you live, you don’t learn to love the language..?

      French though. Yea. I’m going to go ahead and say that is also one of the ugly ones.



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