The struggles of an introvert

When you are a social retard and spend most of your time trying to work your life so that you’ll have as few IRL encounters with people as humanly possible, as any social situation always and without fail will make you feel, well, retarded, going to a gig is not a straight-forward process.

It has to be carefully researched, to make sure that it will be worthwhile braving crowds of people. You can’t just go because you like the band.

Heavens no.

Currently trying to figure out if I can/should/want to see Korn. Listening habits suggest attendance is mandatory:

There is no such thing as too much Korn

…but a number of other factors also need to be considered.

Can I have time off work? This includes would I call in sick for this band? Because I’m in the habit of making all arrangements and then asking for time off.

The times I’ve not gone on account of being unable to have time off are v. v. few.

I missed out on Amity Affliction in Gothenburg last year because work was making me go to Finland on a goddamn boat. But then they played a second date in Sweden later the same year, which I’ve mentioned going to here. So I can’t actually complain.

As for Korn, conveniently enough, they’re in Sweden during my summer holidays. So I already have time off. Perfect?

Where are they even playing? Now this is frequently where I find an excuse not to go. I strongly dislike most venues/cities.

This works in two ways; is it important enough for me to see this band live that I’m willing to overlook the poor choice of venue in addition to being in close proximity to people?

But sometimes, only somtimes, the venue itself is a reason to go. We’re talking about the classics. For example. If Korn were playing Barrowland Ballroom (in Glasgow obvs.), I’d have to go. (Where they did play this tour: SSE Hydro in Glasgow. Which was before I developed this obsession, i.e. was never an option.)

Where are they playing in August? Grönalund in Stockholm. Yea, that’s an amusement park. Venues don’t really get any worse than that. And, as I might have mentioned before, once, twice, fifty eleven times, I’m not a fan of Stockholm.

Bonus: you can’t get tickets in advance. If you want to go, get there early early early, stand in line as if it’s 1992. Not sure it’s something I do? I want to argue I’m too old, but if so, I was –always– too old for that.

Cost cost cost? This isn’t such a big deal, because when you travel to see the band the ticket is usually a minor cost. However, stupid choice of venue + 800 SEK ticket, that’s a NO in the majority of cases. Nick Cave + the Globe + 800 SEK tickets = No. For example.

The one thing that is good about Korn playing Grönalund: you only pay admission to the park. I.e. practically for free.

Worth noting: Elton John recently played Grönan. Chaos ensued, people complained about not being able to get in. Oh gee, what a surprise, who could have seen that coming???

I’ve no idea if Korn are as popular as Elton John in Sweden. I want to say no, because the heavy type of music doesn’t seem to be particularly popular in Sweden right now. But WHO KNOWS? It’s not as if they play anything even similar on the radio, which could have been some sort of indication.

What are they even playing? I like to check setlists. Some people like the surprise; I like to know that this particular setup of men are secure enough in themselves to not feel forced to be old-school and demonstrate that they’re much heavier than their latest release. As if there’s an equal sign between heavy and good. I’m not saying the opposite is true either. Just play what you’ve just created, ‘s all. Maybe with a few hits thrown in for good measure, that should do it.

In the case of Korn. At most, 4 songs from their latest release (depends if they’re doing festival or regular show setlist). None from The Paradigm Shift. I’m not surprised, just not happy about it.

As a whole, I find their current setlist confusing. But then I don’t fall into the true fan category. Nor the I’m going for the nostalgia category. I fall into the HI I’m new here category. And they’re clearly targeting the first two categories. Newbies need not bother, that’s what the setlist reads like.

I don’t understand this strategy at all. All, and I mean all, bands I’ve been watching lately play their new material for the main part. Way more than 4 measly songs. I guess Korn didn’t get the memo?

What are the gigs like? For obvious reasons, I will also watch clips or entire shows on YouTube. This is to avoid singers that make for a painful live experience (Manson), too metal (In Flames), put on too much of a show (In This Moment)—I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just personal preference. Which is why there are quite a few bands I love but would never go see live. (…even if I have seen 2 of the 3 mentioned. But I won’t do it again! Probably.)

Now Korn. Not exactly intriguied. But also not annoyed. It is quite possible I would like it. I see potential. Not sure that’s enough of a reason though.

Deaf Havana, which I’ve just booked, was by comparison a far easier decision for the following reasons:

Brighton + Concorde 2! Sure, would have preferred Glasgow, but far better than Stockholm.
Reason to take time off from work in November!
Tickets under £20! In my opinion, basically a steal. I’ll have to buy some merch just to make sure they won’t starve.
Setlist: full of All These Countless Nights!

Do I need more reasons?

How about this one: I predict that by the end of the year All These Countless Nights will be on my best records of the year list.

Deaf Havana All These Countless Nights

One tiny but: just who the hell goes to the UK in November? Flight providers have pretty much decided no one; trying to find ways to get there and back required some assembly.

As for Korn, I’m going to have to realize it’s not meant to be. It’s too late.

9 thoughts on “The struggles of an introvert”

  1. Hahaha. Alltså jag vet inte. Hur lika är vi egentligen? Håller med om typ allt!
    Jag förstår inte alls varför band väljer (väljer de? hur fungerar det ö.h.t.?) Gröna Lund som konsertplats. Eller typ arenor. Skulle vägra se t.o.m. band jag älskar om de skulle spela i en arena. Ljudet?!


    1. Ja det undrar jag med! Vem kan vi kontakta för att få veta hur turnébokning fungerar? Är det någon slags budgivning? Eller bryr de sig inte alls? Ser de bara till kapacitet? Är det bandet eller lokalen som kontaktar liksom what?? För det är obegripligt att någon skulle tänka “jamen gud bra idé, nöjespark, de har säkert bra ljudanläggning”. Å andra sidan kommer jag nu ihåg att jag sett en dokumentär där ett band klagar över att de kommer till ett spelställe där de inte alls har den utrustning de sagt att de hade. Fast det var på 80-talet. Eh ja.

      Arena kan vara bra, beror lite på, SECC i Glasgow törs man gå till t.ex. Men alltså 100% ja, ljudet är alltid an issue. Liksom huur svårt kan det vara??

      Speaking of which. Har du varit till typ Paradisio eller Melkweg? (Hej, är nörd och hur ljudet är på dessa klassiska arenor intresserar mig. Offenbar.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ja! Mycket intressant. På tal om, har du sett den här utbildningen?! Varför fanns inte den när jag skulle plugga?

        Jag har varit på Melkweg några gånger men aldrig Paradiso. Ljudet är helt okej. De jag hört där (t.ex. Bad Religion, Danko Jones) har ju sån volym att en knappt kan höra om det är någon kvalité på själva ljudet 😛

        (Also note: Googla Paradiso vs Paradisio ;))


        1. Alltså LNU, de har det bästa utbudet, hands down!

          Tja, fast jag har sett metal på Frysen, alltså, problem ett, vet de var volymen sitter ens?

          Bästa var: jag googlade fan för att vara säker på att det hette som jag trodde, och skrev rätt när jag googlade men inte i kommentaren. Hur dyslektisk kan man vara!?!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I really want to go see pvris in Oslo in november, but i probably hate Oslo as much as you hate Stockholm 😦 Plus my social anxiety + concert crowds don’t really get along, just like how being introverted and crowds dont mix well 😦


    1. do you feel about Copenhagen!? I’m just cursing myself for not making a stop in Copenhagen on my way back from the UK—it’s where they’re playing on the 11th.

      I really want to go too. And I’ve already missed them once. How do we solve this, Glasgow, 23 november, what do you say!? 😉


      1. I’ve never been to Copenhagen so not sure about that one! If I knew how my financial situation was in November I’d say yes in a heartbeat. Just need to see how things work out first.


        1. Clearly you must make to visit Copenhagen asap! 😉

          ..aaand I just made myself think this was probably the best idea I’ve had for a very long time and may just decide to go to Glasgow. (How am I even an adult?)


          1. Yep, seems like i should!

            And well, I think youre adulting the exact right way! I mean, if I loved travelling somewhere as much as you did, I would take advantage of every excuse I could to go there.

            Liked by 1 person


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