Five songs for the gym

The gym. It is turning into an endless source of disappointment.

The schedule. The schedule is not getting better. Instructors: also not getting better. And music. It has never been worse.

There was a time when the music they played made sense; while it wasn’t music I would necessarily choose to listen to myself, it worked in the context.

Apparently, my gym has scrapped the works in gym context idea and instructors are just picking songs they like. Not sure if it’s because they don’t understand that they don’t work, or because they think we don’t need music to drive us on, to make it easier to find our way through the class, or that classes are too easy and we need music with unclear beat to distract us.

If the latter. Well played! But the strategy is flawed. Because chances are I might just give it up altogether.

I’m not asking for music according to my taste! I get that not everyone wants to work out to Bring Me the Horizon. Or Withing Temptation. (Even if I think that it’s just because they haven’t tried it…)

That being said. Chvrches—not only brilliant but how well wouldn’t Keep You on My Side work as second track of either of the cardio sets?

One of my absolute favorite songs to work out to ever is this track by Jessy; it was on a body pump class playlist in 2007. Back set. I need it to make a comeback. Or maybe I just need to make a comeback at a gym that has body pump classes?

See now? This works. The beat, it’s clear, it’s a good pace. That’s all we need. We don’t need it to fit regular taste in music.

Is picking songs from actual workouts cheating..? Might feel that way. A bit. At the same time, I know for a fact, that this Dead by April track is excellent for abs:

I used to dream about songs that just may make it into the workout playlists by the start of each new semester. My brain has finally realized that is not happening and stopped dreaming.

Until I walked through the reception on my way to class the other day.

They were playing Deaf Havana at the gym.


There are other people where I live who not only know of Deaf Havana but also like Deaf Havana and who are in charge of music at my gym!!??

I’ve decided that it’s the instructor of the Wednesday workouts. She has impeccable taste. Has to be her. Enter dreams about Deaf Havana on my Wednesday workout.

Not that I can figure out which Deaf Havana it could possibly be. None of the tracks on the latest release would be obvious choices.

See? This is what I’m talking about; while I love Deaf Havana it’s just not music meant for working out. And seriously, I have to stop typing Deaf Havana right now.

I still think fondly of the workout this same instructor did a few seasons back that ended with Fall Out Boy’s cover of Beat It. It was one brilliant workout throughout, and this is perfect for the final push of the very last cardio set.

Next semester, I fully expect P!nk’s What about Us to make it onto at least one workout playlist. More specifically, I’ll expect it on my Monday workouts. Just because the instructor on Mondays always seem to make sure to fill her playlists with women. Keep wondering if she does this on purpose, or if that just happens to be her taste. She does a brilliant job either way.


This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post.

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