It wasn’t supposed to be used like this

For the most part, I like to use things for that which they are intended. Unsurprisingly, tends to work best that way.

I do try out life hacks every now and again, but remain unimpressed.

For example; tried roasting sweet potato in the toaster recently. Supposed to work? Trust me when I say it didn’t.

There are exceptions of course.

How I love a good blurry picture. 

Absolute favorite one:

Baking soda

I love using baking soda for cleaning. Originally I used it to clean my tea cups when I had no dishwasher, but this stuff, is -the best- for cleaning sinks. If baking soda doesn’t get it clean, it’s not getting clean, that’s my motto.

I also like to use vinegar for cleaning. Someone mentioned it was antibacterial and I was immediately sold on the idea. Bonus: good for the environment. It does smell a bit, but I like to mix in organic oils (pine!), and anyway, the smell fades quickly when used in the small amount required to make your own cleaning spray.

Another cleaning favorite:

Miscellar water

No not for your face, for when you inevitably get your Manic Panic hair dye on something other than your hair. I wouldn’t depend on this trick to work, but for me, so far, works every time. Much prefer this use over using it on my face.

Gawd I wish that was on my agenda today, cleaning with either of these guyes. Instead, I am clearing out the attic. Fortunately, my new apartment has no attic or any other type storage space—this is going to be my last attic clean ever! Because I am not moving again. For real this time.

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post.




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