The Endless Blog Challenge

This week! I propose being hella lazy and repeat a couple of favorite topics from previous weeks.

Women Crush Wednesday. I could do this every week. But that seems excessive..?

This week’s favorites. Listing favorites; it doesn’t get old for me.

Remember that empties post I suggested prepping for a while back? It might be time. Doesn’t have to be many. There’s a lovely Swedish blogger who uses the heading Tre tomma (English: Three empties, obvs the alliteration is lost in translation), and it always works out marvelously. I.e.:

Empties. On a theme or completely random!

Optional: update on reading status, i.e.:

Currently reading. Needs no further explanation I’m sure.

That’s it!

2 thoughts on “The Endless Blog Challenge”

    1. Well, there seems to be two ways to look at it; you could be super poetic about it (although chances are that would just read as some sort of Numb paraphrase).

      Or, is it possible to say something about the use? Would you repurchase? Were you happy when it was finally empty? (I’m going to go ahead and say, -might- be a struggle. Mebbe?)



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