Ethical shopping list

You think that when I write my own prompts, I’d make it easy on myself.

Apparently not how I roll. I can’t even quite stick with my own prompts.

As previously established, I can barely be bothered to read labels on food I buy. It goes without saying I’m not that ethical in my purchases, I mean, it requires even more than reading labels. (How funny is it that complain on a daily basis that students can’t read, they keep asking about things that are right on our website. I’m exactly the same. Except I don’t email anyone about it.)

However. I’m easily swayed by someone as much as mentioning possible better choices.

I still believe in legislation and regulation, but I do think that some ethical choices/purchases could be good for you on a personal level. As in some choices takes away some of the stress of consuming, consuming, consuming.

(Even if the consuming is sometimes fun too, not to mention being able to open a drawer and voilà! there is whatever it is you need exactly this minute. I love that. See why I need legislation??)

Blahblah, let’s list some things!


Ecolabeled tampons. Yes, a menstrual cup would be better but I’m old, OK? Can’t learn new things. I expect to never bleed again aaaaany second now.

But until then, I will switch brand, as evil o.b. is not cruelty free (Dear, o.b. GET WITH THE PROGRAM), nor ecolabeled.

I am considering two options:

  1. Your happy period. Subscription, not only good for the environment but also they donate a month’s supply of mensskydd to a girl in need. You just have to love that. What has me considering another option is the fact that my period has a history of being unpredictable. Sure, it’s been what is for me extremely regular the last few months, but it could just stop at any time. Could end with me having purchased products I don’t need and that is a waste of resources.
  2. Just regular ecolabeled tampons from COOP (Swedish grocery chain); I’ve done my research and I’m told they’re good.

Raw bars. Ingredients to make my own raw bars. For a while now, I’ve been in the habit of snacking on raw bars, and I feel very guilty about the amount of wrapping, never mind that it’s more expensive than making your own (I assume?).

Yes well. That ends now. I am making my own. Found a supersimple recipe where you just mix together 250 g dates, 3 TBSP peanut butter and 1 dl (approx ½ cup) oatmeal and make it into 8 bars or balls. I’mna tweak it just a tiiiny bit; almond seed butter instead of PB and I’m adding cinnamon, and protein powder. Probably some water too so that it doesn’t end up as dry crumbs because of the protein.

Reusable cotton rounds. Let me tell you about the illogical word used for reusable cotton rounds in Sweden; it so illogical that I can’t remember what they were actually called. I once stumbled on them at a eco website, so I know where they are, but I can’t find them again because they’re not called anything near what you’d think they’d be called. If the world made sense, reusable cotton rounds would be suggested even if I was just searching for regular cotton rounds, but apparently no.

While I’m quite happy using my hands for most of my products, I’ve unfortunately found there are times when one could use a cotton round.

Reusable produce bags. There is just one thing that has kept me from getting them: I’ve never in my life seen anyone use reusable produce bags where I shop. I fear that it might lead to a confused conversation with the poor lady in the checkout. And I don’t want to talk to anyone ever. Dilemma!

Scented candles. I need to switch to eco-friendly scented candles asap!

Garbage bags. The fact that I am not already buying biodegradable garbage bags is just embarrassing.

Soap bars. You know what’s good about bar soap? The kind you get at Lush wrapped in a piece of paper? Less. Plastic. Packaging. I hope I’m not the only one who just didn’t think of that. Until recently. Problem: the Lush soap, it gets stuck all over your sink. But I guess there are other brands?

Couple of things I want to work on:

Buying second hand. I can do furniture (although nothing quite beats what has been left to you buy your grandmother, no matter how crappy), but clothes. The only second hand things I have are a few bits my sister has sorted out of her closet. Second hand stores are just so daunting; they require patience. I am the queen of knowing what I’m looking for, going into a store getting it and walking out. That approach doesn’t work with second hand.

More feasible than me becoming a second hand person any time soon: buying less things or buying “conscious” ranges. And to be honest, that’s also not happening soon, I don’t think.

Organic beauty. It was probably a mistake not start with organic beauty, because I’m afraid the non-organic is. Better?

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post.


14 thoughts on “Ethical shopping list”

    1. Well sure, it’s not quite what I meant (obvs I wasn’t very clear), I get soap residue in the sink itself. If it was just where I keep the soap that would be fine, but it sort of cakes up in the sink , and quite quickly too.


        1. Jag virkade egna en gång, av ekogarn. Problemet med en virkad variant var att de snabbt bara blev ett enda skrynkel.

          Sy själv orkar man säkert, det är det där med hitta bra och miljövänligt material som kan vara lite trixit, och min erfarenhet säger att det sällan är ekonomiskt lönsamt. Om det nu är något man är intresserad av. Men bara som ett projekt tror jag att det inte alls är en dum idé!


          1. Men kanske jag kan komma med ett annat förslag? En macrame plant hanger??

            Om du inte vill hjälpa mig med 160 sidor om trust i online trade? Visserligen riktigt intressant men MENSCH hur har du missat kursen i komplett mening??? För att nämna en sak som får mig att vilja gråta.

            Men åter till plant hanger. Jag är sugen. Men makes no sense när man ska flytta liksom.



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