Woman crush Wednesday

OK look, I am having such a mad crush on this lady:

Why? She lifts proper heavy weights, has fabulous hair and also likes the rosé (not only in summers!!).

Does one need any more reasons than that? I think not.

But I could well give you one more reason: her blog is called The Fitness Feminist (well, it’s in Swedish, obvs). It’s over here, if you’re interested.

Just 💕 💕 💕

In which I treat an award like a tag

The lovely Lise has nominated me for two awards, thanks love!

If you’ve been around here before, you know I like to treat awards like tags. Except I don’t tag people.

Apparently, I like any excuse to answer random questions. I guess?

One of the awards, the Mystery Blogger Award, asks you to list three things about yourself.

I’ve thought about this, a disproportionate amount of time, and decided that there are no three things I can tell you about myself that you don’t already know.

I’ve gone and on about how I love tea and sauvignon blanc, I still have a very unbecoming Architects fixation, I work at a uni, I’ve got a degree in translation, I’m super interested in hormones and menstruation, I consider feminists to be some of the funniest people there is, my favorite book is Dirty Weekend, I’ve lived outside Glasgow, I’m kinda embarrassed that I love Dead by April, I think Throne should be on all playlists for all workout classes everywhere, I’ve got such poor eyesight I’m practically blind without glasses or contacts, I consider German and Finnish the most beautiful languages (if I hear another word about French…), blah blah blah; can’t think of anything I haven’t already put in this here blog.

The second part of the award is to answer a number of questions from the person who nominated you. Funfunfun!

Lise’s questions

What is on your bucket list this year?

*googles what is bucket list*

Oh that. I don’t have that. Let’s make one!

◊ Learn to lift heavy things. Like this:

Idag gjorde jag gym-comeback och det kändes riktigt bra! Förutom massa sjukt tråkiga militärpressar blev det marklyft med kedjor. Många undrar varför en använder kedjor, idag fanns det tre anledningar: 1️⃣ För att belastningen blir annorlunda i och med att vikten blir tyngre i toppläget när kedjorna lämnar golvet. Det är bra om en behöver förbättra just den delen av lyftet. 2️⃣ För att jag känner mig cool. Jag vet att det låter töntigt men seriöst, underskatta inte den kedjan. 3️⃣ För att jag inte vet hur mycket kedjorna väger, och därför inte kan jämföra med hur mycket jag brukar lyfta. Ofta tycker jag att det är bra att tävla med sig själv men ibland kan det vara nödvändigt att inte kunna göra det – exempelvis om en varken kan eller bör lyfta maxtungt efter ett litet uppehåll.

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◊ Dye hair in some green shade.

◊ Get good work ethics.

◊ Go see NIN.

◊ Become minimalist.

◊ Take a photography class.

◊ Learn web design.

◊ Learn to play For Every Step on the piano.

◊ Take up running.

◊ Give Berlin another chance.

◊ Go to Wales.

It is a shame I know myself well enough to know I’m not going to be doing any of these things.

Have you ever gone out with someone you didn’t really want to but ended up hitting it off anyways?
I don’t hit it off with many people, because I’m socially awkward. I have spent time with people I didn’t particularly care for (probably says more about me than them), but hitting it off is really a stretch. I don’t have chemistry with people, in general. So that’s a no then.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Oh dear, this quickly turned into a work interview? Having goals I suppose would be a good thing. But because I don’t, things are unlikely to change much. Unless the university decides to make changes. Such as move its operation to Östersund. That’d be fun🙃

And so like them.

Don’t get me wrong, Östersund is a beautiful place, far more beautiful than both where I currently live and where I’m moving to, but it’s even colder. I can’t take that. (Gawd I should never have written that down. Yes HI I’m a big believer in jinxing.)

Do you see yourself as dependable?
I see myself as predictable, which isn’t exactly the same thing but there’s a certain overlap. By which I mean there are certain situations where I will be dependable because my behavior is very predictable (it’d be so easy to kidnap me), but there are also some situations where you can’t count on me for shit.

If the world ended tomorrow, what would be your proudest achievement before we all went?
That I’ve managed to somehow pull through years of going to uni and acquired a Master’s degree, despite the fact that I am such an ill fit for university studies. It’s like I don’t understand the concept. Why do you want to write this way? What is the point of what we’re doing? Why are you asking me to do this, it makes literally no sense? In what way does this connect to the real world? What is the practical use of this? 

What I’m saying is that university is too abstract for me; what I needed, and I wish someone would have told me, is a more practical sort of education. But then, at least in Sweden, there aren’t a lot of educations like that. Maybe one of a zillion reason the Swedish education system is in quite the crisis?

Now, I’ve got 5 questions for you:

ONE. Who is your favorite YouTuber and why?

TWO. What is your current obsession?

THREE. Name one weird reason you’ve unfollowed a blog/Instagram/Twitter account!

FOUR. Best hand lotion ever?

FIVE. Which era Marilyn Manson is your favorite?

Endless blog challenge

We’re finally approaching the end of January! (And I thought November was bad. Ha. Ha.) As per usual I’m proposing an end-of-month post:

January summary. Best bits of January? List of things you did? Long rant about how much you hate this month? Things that stopped you from going berserk, even if that is the natural response to this month?

Future log. On a theme or just random things you’re planning to do/looking forward to.

I dunno about you, but producing 2 whole posts in a week seems utterly daunting right now, so that’s all I’m going to suggest.

3 things I did this week

Splurged on a few bits of makeup and skincare. Well. As much splurging as sticking with my budget will allow. A couple of highlighters, a glycolic peel mask and a blusher from Superdrug (because that is how to splurge while still sticking to your budget), among other things. Quite chuffed that despite the 20% off on Paula’s Choice I managed to make myself go with the budget option No7:


Started rereading Carol Goodman’s Incubus. In the past, I’ve insisted this is one of my all-time top 10 books. …I’ve got really poor taste, don’t I?


Had endless cups of ginger lemon. That ginger sting, nothing quite like it!


Bonus: Found out Batiste is in fact not cruelty free. ARGH! Not so much because there are no options, there are plenty options, but because

a. just because a company claims to be vegan and cruelty free doesn’t mean they actually are (they probably sell in China), and
b. apparently you need to be checking up on companies all the time, because their cruelty free status could change at any time.

Who has the time, energy and presence of mind for that??

Admittedly. The fact that Batiste is on Logical Harmony’s pending list should have tipped me off; maybe they’re not as cruelty free as they pretend to be. If I had checked that list, that is. I just assumed based on what people were saying. So that’s my lesson: Check Logical Harmony more regularly.

Good rule of thumb: when in doubt, stick with Swedish brands. We’re not allowed to test on animals. H&M is obviously rushing to be that one exception (is that something you feel good about…?), but until further notice..

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3 random favorites

The line run a tight ship. Love it that Editors are using it in their latest release Magazine.

Wet n Wild Balm Stain in Caffein Fix. My first encounter with Wet n Wild was quite the success! While it’s not the color I expected it to be (caffein makes me think brown, it’s just..not), it is an almost perfect dupe for IsaDora’s Twist-Up Gloss Stick in Biscuit, which I own, love, and have almost run out of. Both are budget options, obvs, but the Wet n Wild balm is half the price of the IsaDora gloss, and I might just like the formula of the Wet n Wild balm better.

Dustin Kensrue on Twitter. Because he has a fabulous taste in music.

And is kinda..little bit awkward..?

I’m not judging. Just observing.

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Let’s talk PMS!

I love the library for providing me with this masterpiece:

Are you PMS-ing?

Not so sure they can have it back.

I LOVE this book; it needs to be translated and spread to women everywhere asap!

What this book does is explores the topic PMS; it lists symptoms and possible remedies, the authors share their PMS stories and experiences with different vitamins, drugs and treatments for PMS.

It does not offer solutions, they’re not researchers. They’re two people with a podcast, they have no authority. For me, that’s not important, I’m not looking for a remedy, I am far more interested in, for example, stories about trial and error. Oo here’s a treatment that seems to work for some people, let’s try it out and see what happens! I love that. Also that they’re very open about how some treatments, such as healing, might only work on a placebo basis. Their motto is it doesn’t matter if it’s placebo, long as I feel better. I like that.

They also spend quite a lot of time listing symptoms, giving examples of what it might feel like. Which is informative and funny, all at once! Not to mention relatable.

Reading this book is like having someone tell me a. you’re not crazy, and b. you’re not the only one. Well thank god!



  1. You feel worried and anxious
  2. Your mood changes quickly
  3. You cry more than usual
  4. You don’t feel like doing anything
  5. You’re more than tired, no energy
  6. You’re not sleeping well
  7. Your body swells, especially the stomach
  8. Your breasts feel tense and sore
  9. You get headaches
  10. You’re hungrier than usual and crave sweet things

Headaches are foreign to me but the rest of just all of it, all. of. it.

And SUPER GOOD NEWS: if you’ve got PMS, menopause is most likely going to be hell.

Excellent! 🙃

Anyway…especially happy to have someone confirm I’m not the only one with severe nightly sweats pre menstruation. Doesn’t matter if it’s -20º C and I’m sleeping with the window open, still sweating. Niiice.

Waking up at dawn with a lake between your breasts? PMS dear, PMS.

This book also confirms that my hypochondria is related to PMS, as suspected. On a regular basis, I’m convinced I’m suffering from a terminal disease. My most recent imaginary affliction: gangrene.

And! They go through the basics of the menstrual cycle, the different phases and what they involve. Such as how you can tell where in the cycle you are based on cervical fluid. (Clue can help you with this too. It’s fun! Makes you feel supersmart that you can look at your cervical fluid and go Yup, that’s another 2 days then.)

The cycle of the cervical fluid; interesting stuff!

And remember back in December when I was looking for some sort of guide as to what type of workout is appropriate at point in the cycle? It’s right here →

Phase two of the menstrual cycle: create! push yourself at the gym! eat lots of carbs!

Not only is this what I was looking for, it gives me the all clear to ditch the workouts in the fourth phase of the cycle, if that’s what I feel like. Exactly what I wanted to hear!

Finally; the layout of the book, favorite! It’s a collection of different types of text and it’s kept quite airy, v.  reader-friendly which I appreciate sosoSO much! I am one lazy reader, I need to be lead through the text, can’t take paragraphs or sentences that never end, the less abstract the better, and I prefer when it reads like we’re having a conversation. As opposed to most texts produced in an academic environment. I often wonder if they’re written to be read at all.

Now. I’m going to stop being greedy and return it to the library so that someone else can enjoy this beautiful book.

3 Insta follows

I’ve been very keen to click the follow button on Insta lately.

Three examples:


While I don’t follow recipes, I do like to read recipes. Minimalist Baker is a go-to source for food inspo: I’m sure this applies to all vegans. Not sure why it never occurred to me to follow on Insta until now, I usually just visit the website.


Vegan memes!


Have I or have I not followed any account that is not about the being vegan lately??

Depends on how you define lately.

..but probably not. Vegan food, anyone?

Pumpkin Bread Salad with Pomegranate by @eatsleepgreen 💚 Recipe as posted on eat-sleep-green.de: Serves 2 1 hokkaido pumpkin (ca. 800 g) 1 clove of garlic 3 big red onions 2 tbsp olive oil salt, pepper 3 slices of whole-grain bread 1 handful of baby spinach seeds of ½ pomegranate 1tbsp pistachios For the dressing: 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp balsamico vinegar 1tsp maple syrup salt, pepper Preheat the oven to 200C/400F. Wash the pumpkin, cut it in halves, remove the seeds with a tablespoon and cut it into wedges. Peel garlic and onions, cut the onions into quarters. Spread all on a baking tray which is covered with pan liner, mix with 1.5 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper and bake approx. 35 min. Cube the bread, roast golden brown with 0.5 tbsp oil in a pan, let the croutons cool down. Mix all the ingredients for the dressing with 3 tbsp water in a high container until it‘s creamy. Wash the spinach and spin-dry it. Chop the pistachios. Carefully mix the cooled down veggies in a big bowl with bread cubes, pomegranate seeds and the dressing. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Gently fold in spinach, sprinkle with pistachios and serve at once. #bestofvegan

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Bonus: here is one I quickly followed, and as quickly unfollowed:

Yes I do need fabulous women in my feed, lots and lots of them.

Ayn Rand, HOWEVER, is not one of them.

Someone commented that maybe her ideas weren’t great (that’s putting it mildly, Ayn Rand’s a fan of unregulated capitalism); it was either taken down or the person who commented removed it.

Ayn is still there tho.

I can’t accept that. Just can’t.

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What vegans eat; Mung bean pancakes and other things

This post could also be called What vegans eat; Weekend edition pt 2. Here’s some new things I tried this weekend, in most cases following a recipe!

Well. Mostly. There were recipes. As a starting point.

Arriving home Friday evening, having been to a workout, driven about an hour through a snow storm (is EVER going to stop snowing???), and been grocery shopping, I somehow still had the energy to whip up a meal I’d never made before.

Usually, I can just about heat something up in the microwave. Who am I??

Not that this was difficult. Heavens no.

Put green lentils in a pan, get that going and start preparing the pasta—it can be timed so that lentils and pasta are done at the same time—which I did. I’m only mentioning it because since when do I have this presence of mind??

Moving on…slice up two heads of broccoli, fry in coconut oil (what else?), bit of onion powder, garlic, and cumin. When the broccoli starts to go soft, add half a can of coconut milk, about same amount of water, bit of mustard, half a teaspoon of garam masala and chili flakes. Let it simmer until the pasta + lentils are done.

Gave me a nice little dish that looked like this:


The recipe said rice and red lentils, and about half the amount of broccoli. So yes. I’m v. good at this cook according to recipe thing.

I also prepped my breakfast. Because apparently I’m the most energetic person alive??

Like last week, an oatmeal bake, but this time a peanut butter + banana & cinnamon version. The recipe wasn’t vegan, for some reason it included an egg. But rather than just skipping the egg, which is what I usually do, I made a chia egg. (1 tbsp chia seeds + 3 tbsp water, leave it for a couple of minutes et voilá, vegan egg for baking.)

I did like how it turned out, served with a mountain of raspberries (obvs) and roasted coconut flakes. Nomnom!


This has given me some faith back in the chia seed; I’m ready to give the chia pudding another go. I’ve even found a recipe for next week, a sort of chia pudding/overnight oats combo, served with kiwi and almonds, v. keen!

And if chia pudding still isn’t for me, the seeds can clearly be used as egg replacement.

For lunch! I found this odd little recipe where you soak mung beans over night, don’t cook them, just blend with onion, water, salt, chili powder and fry like a pancake.

I’m always interested in trying new ways of preparing beans. And anyway, I don’t seem about to be sprouting the mung beans any time soon, which was why I bought them in the first place.

Let me tell you, this was a beautiful thing! Somewhere between a flatbread and an omelette. Served it with red pepper and sugar snap peas, drizzle of balsamico, pumpkin seeds and salsa.


Next up! I had some beets that had to be prepared, it was now or never.

So I just roasted the beets, bit of celeriac, and couple of potatoes in olive oil, served with gigant white beans covered in pesto, nutritional yeast, extra garlic, and herbal salt.final1516538711293.jpgMost of the beets, because I had a whole kilo, I’ve stuck in the freezer for next week. I’ve got my eye on this beet pasta sauce I’m very keen to try.

Endless blog challenge

I do like the three-things posts. Without further ado: three suggestions for next week!

3 Insta follows. I.e. three accounts you’ve recently added to your feed.

3 random favorites. Three things you’re really liking, the quirkier the better!

3 things I did this week. Self-explanatory, surely?

Pretty sure we don’t need more than three suggestions for a single week, yes?

Are you a feminist?

Here’s a thought:

Could we, maybe, consider stop asking people if they are feminists?

Sometimes I wake up at about 4 in the morning and just know that I’m not going back to sleep. To just get another few hours of eyes-closed I decided to listen to a podcast. As one does.

Had a sudden craving for some Per Gessle, so I decided to listen to Kristoffer Triumf interviewing Per Gessle (you know, that guy from Roxette).

It was a lot like listening to an interview with random politician trying to not lose any prospective votes, he basically talked and talked while really saying nothing. Had no strong opinions about anything. Not even music.

Or if he did, he did not share.

Beside the point.

Towards the end of the interview, the interviewer suddenly asks him if he’s a feminist.

To be clear, I have nothing against the label feminist. I’ll happily slap it on myself and other people too. The best people are feminists. (Truth universally acknowledged and that…)


Per Gessle: What does that mean?
Interviewer: That women and men should have the same rights.
Per Gessle: Well in that case.

Now this is obviously ridiculous, if you don’t even know what a feminist is, how can you be a feminist? It’s impossible. The answer to the question is NO.

The answer is also no if you say that you are a feminist, but then present your very own definition. Very common among right-wing feminists. (At least in Sweden. And I mean sure, they have to do that, because the basis of their beliefs are by definition not feminist, sooo…)

There are two problems here: is it at all relevant to know if Per Gessle is a feminist? And, you don’t think that if you have to ask, the answer is probably (most definitely) no?

Well actually, there is also a third problem: you’re not a feminist just because you agree that women and men should have the same rights. You have to act the part as well. There has to be something that you do based on the belief that men and women should have the same rights. Especially since no sane person is going to disagree (at least not out loud), but then what they do, that might be something else entirely.

The Free Dictionary has this lovely little definition of the word:

person whose beliefs and behavior are based on feminism

This definition needs to take hold asap!

Speaking of which. There is another thing I’m missing in the standard definition: responsibilities. Men and women should have the same responsibilities. I wish that was more of a topic of discussion.

As for the question Are you a feminist?completely redundant. I never want to hear that question ever again.

What asking this question does, however, is give non-feminists the opportunity to call themselves feminists in an attempt to win some ethical points.

Could we just not give them that opportunity?

We don’t ask people about their political belonging in general, we don’t walk around asking people if they’re socialists for example, why should feminism be any different?