The vegan needs to vent

I never initiate discussions about the eating or not eating of the meat. Never. Nor do I participate in these discussions. Unless asked very direct questions.

Despite this, it is a frequent topic of discussion in the lunch room. Apparently the meat eaters need to confirm among themselves that they’re doing the right thing eating meat. Ooorrr….?

During the most recent discussion one meat eater presented this fantastic argument:

We need to eat meat in this specific part of the world because what if import of greens was cut off. Then we’d have to eat meat. It is the reason we eat meat.


I have a few objections.


Is this the current reality? Are we no longer importing fruit and vegetables? If no, then do you think we should live as if we’re living in a different world? One that doesn’t correspond to our reality? Does this make sense to you??? 


If the reason we eat meat is because we live far up north, then people in the south would not eat meat. Now tell me, is this the case..?


If import is cut off, where would the food for the animals come from? Oh Sweden you say? Would it perhaps be a better use of resources to just cut out the middle man? Straight to our plate rather than one looong detour? No? No, no, that would make too much sense, to be sure.

Arguing with meat eaters is a lot like arguing with antifeminists; it’s pointless, because their world does not seem to resemble the world we live in. The world is round, but you’re arguing as if it’s flat…

I mean fucking eat meat if you must, but don’t try to pretend that it makes sense. It clearly doesn’t.

Never mind the fact that it is unethical, no matter how you look at it.

And anyway.


Are you sure people should even be living this far north? If our “natural” state is to eat meat, then our “natural” state should be to live where it’s warmer, where we don’t need houses and technology. So let’s pack it up and leave, shall we? And let’s just abandon all this technology business; it’s clearly not something the human was made for, in the beginning. That is what you’re arguing right? That we should live like cavemen because that’s how God made us? Never develop?


This obsession with justifying your choice to eat meat. Who are you really trying to convince? I’m the only vegan here, I don’t question your choices (even if I should). This only leads me to believe you’re really trying to convince…yourself?

Strikes me as a waste of time.

Maybe next time. Next time I’ll just pat this poor dear on the back and assure her it’s OK to not eat meat. Enjoyable in fact. Lots of green.

Yes. She probably needs that. Silly me. Should have known.

9 thoughts on “The vegan needs to vent”

  1. That must be soooo frustrating. I wish more people I knew were vegan/ that I knew more vegans. I went to my husband’s work do and two of his work colleagues were vegans, so four of us in a room together, and we were superbly well catered for by the non vegan hosts. No one questioned us, and it was very nice! At work I stay out of the dining room and eat in my office. People are very nice and probably wouldn’t give me a hard time but I find I really dislike being around people eating meat now, as if the longer I’m vegan the more upsetting I find it to see people eating meat. Plus I take a nutribullet smoothie to work that although tastes nice, looks like sludge…

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    1. Sounds lovely 🙂

      Totally agree, I know far too few vegans. Maybe I should visit the student lunch room instead? (I work at a uni.) Students are more likely to be vegan, right?

      And yes you’re right, but also. I find the eating of meat just plain weird. Why would you choose a piece of rotting flesh over a lovely colored little kidney bean? Which is also 100 times more easy to cook and fairly unlikely to ever make you sick? Why would anyone..? It makes no sense.

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  2. I quite liked point four. The whole idea of what is or isn’t natural only ever seems to ever arise in the context of veganism. The meat eaters who like to argue on that basis don’t seem to apply it in any other area of their life, well, except for the paleo meat eaters but they make about as much sense as a spaghetti sweatshirt.

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    1. Yupyup 🙂 It’s why the best approach is probably to no argue at all (because how do you even argue with people who make no sense to begin with..?), just hope they’ll ge their on their own eventually.


  3. I have just become vegan and it is crazy how uncomfortable it makes others. I don’t go out of my way to tell people that I am vegan but some people can be very pushy when it comes to questioning the foods that I am eating and all of sudden they feel the need to validate the reasons why they eat meat. You are right though — there is no ethical way of killing an animal and that really stops the conversation from going any further! Thank you for your “rant” though because it is nice to know that we aren’t the only ones experiencing the craziness.

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