The zzZzz list

At what time do you go to bed?
About ten, usually. I feel the need to defend this, because it tends to be considered ridiculously early.

In my defense, according to research, ten is a good time to go to bed. You’ve got hormones just waiting for you to hit the sack at this very time, so that they can start doing…whatever it is hormones do at night. Repairing things? I stopped paying attention after the lecturer confirmed the time I go to bed anyway is the right time. It’s also the right time if you consider sleeping cycles.

Sometimes I go to bed even earlier. If a. I’m cold or b. I’m falling asleep on the couch. Maybe I just like to sleep?

At what time do you wake up?
My alarm is set to 5.45, but I usually wake up around 5 on work days. On weekends, I’m super happy if I can keep my eyes shut until at least 6.30.

Are you a morning person?
It’d be really bad if I wasn’t. My behavior would make absolutely no sense.

What type of bed do you have?
A nothing special 120 cm from IKEA. I’ve had it for about 10 years now and it’s still not causing me any troubles (i.e. back pain, poor sleep). Probably shouldn’t have said that… What I do miss when it comes to my bed is a headboard. I kid you not when I say I’ve been looking for a headboard since the day I bought the damn thing. There are nice looking headboards, but not for my size bed. Maybe that’s a reason to get a new bed?

What’s on your bedside table?
I don’t have one. Because I don’t need it. When I go to bed I put the phone next to or under the pillow, and sometimes I bring a pair of headphones. If I’m expecting to be waking up or having difficulties sleeping, to keep myself entertained while I toss and turn.

Which is the best song for falling asleep?
I am of the opinion that there is no such thing. BUT. If you can’t fall asleep because of outside noise, I would say, try listening to Architects. Two latest records. It is literally the only thing that will cancel out any outside noise, it’s just a wall of sound nothing can penetrate. It’s helped me with the sleep in the past.

I would also say, listening to a book is a much better option. Might make you fall asleep even if the book is interesting and you have no plans on falling asleep.

How do you sleep? Really?
I was going to say not bad, but the past few days haven’t been great. I keep waking up between three and four and I can’t go back to sleep. I’ve accepted this is how it is, sometimes you just don’t sleep well.

What do you wear to bed?
Mostly, PJs of this model:

final1475937697370 Oh and in the winter: socks. At least one pair. At my parent’s two pairs, plus a warm-ish long-sleeve of some sort.

Bed hair?
I’ve got different ideas about this. Currently I’m just leaving it be.

What do you do in the middle of the night?
When I drink a lot of tea, getting up to pee is just inevitable. (A lot is apparently more than 1 large cup for me. Life is so unfair…)

How do make your bedroom cozy?
Same way you make any space cozy; good dim lighting, comfortable furniture, dark wallpaper. You don’t really need much more than that. Then again, what do I know. This is my bedroom and it’s just the way I like it. And I’m moving to a white bedroom. In July. Boo.


What’s the weirdest place you’ve woken up?
I don’t really wake up weird places. Not even weird places in the bed. I wake up as planned. I’m in charge here, aren’t I?

How do you make your bed?
Mostly I don’t. But I do have a couple of extra pillows to thrown on when I do. (I do now, at the time of the above picture, I only had the two.)

What’s your best tip for a good night of sleep?
Find some way to shut down your brain. This could mean different things for different people and at different times of your life.

What do you do in bed before falling asleep?
Nothing. Unless you count turning my phone face down.

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The Beauty Tag

◊ This post is inspired by Lise, who did the Beauty Tag a while back ◊ 

1. Do you remember your first makeup item?
Not really. I mean it was an eyeliner, I know that for sure. But brand or where I got it; not a single clue. (No, I did not steal it from my mother; she doesn’t wear a trace of makeup, never has.)

2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications?
I love mascaras that give you the spider legs. But they also need to work with sensitive eyes and be cruelty free. My current MUA Eye Define Nourish & Care is close, but I’d like it to be thicker. I’d like to think the Maybelline Great Lash was all that I wanted, but a. not cruelty free and b. it’s been a long time since last I tried, could be remembering it wrong.


3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from a foundation?
Medium. Full coverage would make no sense for me, partly because of how I do my makeup (grungy, always grungy) and partly because it is true full coverage is a struggle when you’re closer to 40 than 30. Actually, I’m considering going with a light coverage. Recommendations? Preferably one that doesn’t oxidize about 10 shades like my current one. Nightmare…

4. Favourite high end brand?
I’m going to have to say Urban Decay because I’m loving both the Naked foundation and concealer. But I do want to mention that I don’t love everything they put out. I actually genuinely like budget brands, not just because they’re cheap.

5. What cosmetics brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?
There are no brands I dream about, but I would like to try the Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation. Might be too cheap though.

6. Favourite drugstore brand?
I have a favorite brand for different products. For eyeshadow palettes Makeup Revolution, for blushes NYX, for mascara and highlighter MUA.

7. Do you wear false lashes?
Nope. I’ve accepted my eyes are too sensitive. And anyway, it doesn’t look good on me. It looks too fake.

8. Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without?
I can leave the house fine without any makeup. But I like to wear makeup to work. And when I do wear makeup, I like to wear all of it. I can’t do the just a bit of mascara, or just bit of blush. It’s all or nothing.

9. What is your most cherished beauty product?
I don’t think I have one. They’re consumables, what’s there to cherish? 

10. How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there, or get lots of goodies at once?
I always intend to do one big shop a month. Or, the aim is always to not get that many things, just a few necessary bits. This is rarely the case. It’s more like…3–4 times a month. And far from all of it is “necessary”. (Necessary: products I’ve run out of, not products I can’t live without. But I can’t even stick to that; I tend to have multiple foundations, blushes, mascaras, etc. Which is fine! If that’s what you want, but I don’t want a lot of things. Something I seem to forget soon as I enter a store.)

11. Do you have a “beauty budget” or do you spend freely?
I do have a budget, but I’m not great at sticking to it. And that’s with quite a sizable budget too, considering my income. I’m working on it.

12. Do you utilize coupons, reward cards and sales when you shop for cosmetics?
Yes, yes I do. Most recently, I used the Body Shop 3 for 2 deal, bought me three Camomile Cleansing Butters. Yup.

I don’t necessarily think that deals and rewards actually saves me any money. Because I’ve noted that deals always end with getting one more product than planned, i.e. in the end spending more than planned. Except for Superdrug offers, that’s always a case of me going to the till and being told I can have one more of a certain item because it’s free based on the other products already in my basket. Superdrug has the best deals.

13. What type of product do you buy the most of?
As in what, over a period of time or what product I end up having hordes of, or what type product I run out of often? I have hordes of eyeshadows, but that’s the nature of eyeshadows I feel.

14. Is there a brand you absolutely can’t stand?
There are lots of brands I can’t stand. Brands whose design is cluttered, brands that genuinely make shitty products, brands that test on animals, brands that treat their employees badly. Give me enough time and I’ll have a reason to hate all brands, and that’s the day I’ll stop buying makeup. Can’t be too long now.

But let’s name a few I wouldn’t buy from even if they were cruelty free: Rimmel, Revolon, Bourjois, Max Factor, YSL, Lancome, Estee Lauder (can’t even be bothered with the spelling, that’s the level of dislike). Because ugly. Because there are other brands. Because boring.

15. Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics, like parabens or sulfates?
I do try to avoid PFOS, and products for hair where alcohol is listed as one of the first ingredients, and I do sometimes try to steer clear of silicone. But I’m not consistent when it comes to this either. I’m consistently inconsistent. Depends on my mood and if I can be bothered to read the label.

16. Do you have a favorite place to shop for makeup?
Not really, I like to spread it evenly between Superdrug, Boots, Lyko, Eleven and H&M.

17. Do you like trying new skin care products or do you keep a certain routine?
I do have a routine, but I do also like to try new things.

18. Favourite bath and body brand?
Had to go to the bathroom to check. I don’t seem to have one. I’ve got approx 1-2 products from Lush, the Body Shop, Apoliva and ACO. I clearly like them equally.

19. If you could only buy from one brand, which brand would you choose?
Are we talking skincare or or we talking makeup? If makeup, I’d probably go with NYX actually. If skincare, Paula’s Choice. Provided unlimited budget obvs. I dream of being a ACO person tho. It would mean being a true minimalist. (Not yet accepted the fact that I’m not a minimalist.)

20. What brand do you think has the best packaging?
As in packaging that works the best or that I like to look at? I like Sleek, because is sleek, and v. black. But I want to mention one packaging I think is highly functional I’d say this one:


I like it plain, simple, not a lot of fuzz, not a lot of color. Which is part of the reason budget brands appeal to me…anything that looks like it was designed by IKEA, that’s what I like.

Few examples of actual real-life favorite packaging:


I like dark bottles, vegan label a plus, the simplicity and clarity of Lush packaging and I’m a sucker for anything with drawn on florals. Least favorite: swirly type, cluttered, stereotypically feminine and photos. Hate photos.

21. Which celebrity always has great makeup?
Gwen Stephanie…?
I’d say Marilyn Manson but he doesn’t always wear makeup. Unfortunately.

When it comes to makeup I’m far more impressed with YouTubers than celebrities. I do like Beth Ditto’s makeup, but she doesn’t always have great makeup, as in, there are pictures of her when she’s a sweaty mess, which, by the way, I don’t think is wrong at all.

22. Do you belong to any online makeup communities?

23. 5 Favourite beauty gurus:
I’m just going to say one: itslikelymakeup.

She’s a beauty guru, right?

24. Do you like multi-functional products like lip and cheek stains?
Nah, but I do use regular products as multi-functional products.

25. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Is it just me or is this sentence..a but wonky? I do tend to get mascara on my upper lid, and sometimes I get to work and find a sprinkling of eyeshadow fallout on my cheeks. (Not to worry, I have a brush in my makeup bag for this very reason.) But that is also a case of me putting on my makeup without contacts in and being half blind.

What I am more than clumsy is forgetful and in possession of a oh well whatever attitude. This morning, for example, I was going to put some cream around my eyes. Reach for a tube, start to squeeze content out stare at it in confusion; that ain’t no eye cream!? It was the serum, same brand, only slightly larger tube. Didn’t want to waste it, figured it’d do just this one time. But let me tell you NO, IT WON’T. A serum does in no way have the hydration my eye area needs.

Topped that off with my most drying concealer. It’s a good fucking day today. But then it’s right in line with the rest of this miserable week. Jag orkar fan inte mer…

26. Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
YES. I am oily of complexion and I need it. Both type primers were game-changes for me; I was walking around with foundation and eyeshadow barely hanging on to my skin for years, thank god for primers!

27. How many hair products do you use on a typical day?
On a typical day, none. On days when I wash my hair, I use shampoo, 2 types of conditioner, a root product, a hair oil and heat protection. I do sometimes use dry shampoo and sometimes hair spray, but not often.

28. What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?
Concealer. I hear it’s wrong but I’ve tried it the other way around, didn’t like it.

29. Would you ever consider taking makeup classes?
The short answer is no. I mean could, but to do my own makeup? Hardly necessary.

30. What do you love about makeup?
That it can make me look even more unapproachable and angry.

3 things I’ve googled lately

ONE. Is silicone really that bad for the hair?

You know my favorite hair oil? The argan oil from Superdrug? This one:

Obvs the one to the far right.

The reason this hair oil is better than other hair oils is that it contains silicone. Silicone is, in my opinion, the best thing for dialling down the frizz. Oil is all good and well, but it only goes part of the way.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t specifically looking for the answer Silicones really aren’t that bad.

Most sources, obviously, argue that it’s terrible. And they do have a point. But I wasn’t settling for that answer. Because how can something that feels so good be so wrong?

Finally found this article claiming there’s a work-around. In fact, it even encourages the use of silicone on frizzy hair.

Now, why would I choose to believe this particular article over the bizillion of sources saying silicone is the devil?

Well. Let’s be honest, I want to, which is a terrible reason, but also they do make a convincing argument.

Basically, what the article says is that frizzy hair needs moisture. You can use the silicone to lock in moisture. The problem is if you don’t first wash out previous buildup of silicone, it will work in the exact opposite way, it will prevent moisture from getting into the hair and that’s when the silicone will start to work against you.

This means that you will want to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of pesky buildup, followed by some product that restores and preferably adds even more moisture to the hair and then you seal it all up with the silicone.

I for one am convinced! Will happily proceed to use the Superdrug argan, but might want to look into investing in a good (and cruelty free) shampoo. (My current bottle is not cruelty free, but shh! don’t tell anyone.)

TWO. Hamstring exercises

Do you sometimes get this craving to focus on a certain muscle? I do. I liked the exercises provided by Women’s Health & Fitness here. Especially since it lists how many reps and sets you should be doing depending on your goal; if it’s for building muscles, building strength or losing fat.

Did not occur to me that there was a difference between building muscle and building strength, and also, I’m going to have to bring this to the gym where they have the grown up weights, aren’t I?

THREE. Visual representation of the recommended daily intake of fat for vegans

Ah yes, these specific searches rarely lead to any sort of useful info. I’m looking for something like a picture of a handful of nuts saying this right here is your recommended daily intake.

I’m not finding it.

I was, however, informed that as a vegan I should be cooking my food in rapeseed oil. For the omega 3. 1-2 tablespoons. Guess I’m adding that to my grocery list, I’ve never been in the habit of using rapeseed oil at all.

Speaking of fat, in the process of research I found out that vegans can happily keep using coconut oil; people on diets that include meat though might not want to. The plant based diet lacks saturated fat so the use of coconut oil in cooking is a good thing. Well thank god. Didn’t even occur to me that it might not be good for you.

Endless blog challenge

This week! I’m curious about your sleeping habits. Let’s talk all about it via this tag that I found in a Swedish blog (and obvs translated):

The zzZzz list

At what time do you go to bed?
At what time do you wake up?
Are you a morning person?
What type of bed do you have?
What’s on your bedside table?
Which is the best song for falling asleep?
How do you sleep? Really?
What do you wear to bed?
Bed hair?
What do you do in the middle of the night?
How do make your bedroom cozy?
What’s the weirdest place you’ve woken up?
How do you make your bed?
What’s your best tip for a good night of sleep?
What do you do in bed before falling asleep?

What vegans eat; Black eyed beans

My least favorite bean is probably the black eyed bean. This is unfortunate because it’s such a pretty bean, and I like my food pretty. I really do want to like it. But the consistency, ew.

Also unfortunate that I did not know this before buying an entire bag of black eyed beans. Been trying to work through it for ages. (Throw it away? You crazy??)

Finally figured out how to use them up: distraction.

By which I mean, put other things in the dish that distract from the gross consistency of the black eyed bean.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner??

Example of distractions:

LOTS of black olives. You should be thinking I can have all of these olives to myself?! Sweet!
A real nice head of broccoli. How do you know it’s real nice? The color—you should look at it and think what a lovely green color.
Fry the broccoli in the oil from your sun-dried tomatoes. Could they just bottle up this oil and sell? There is no oil I like better than the sun-dried tomato oil.
Bean spaghetti. I like to mention that bean pasta is not quite like regular pasta because if you try bean pasta thinking it’s exactly like regular pasta, and don’t particularly care for beans, you’re going to be disappointed. This spaghetti version though, if I’m not mistaken it does taste like regular pasta. But with better consistency. I.e. it has a nice bite to it and the straws don’t stick together.

To this, I added some garlic salt, onion powder, mustard, tarragon, and mushrooms. Might have poured in tiniest bit of soy milk too. Didn’t notice the beans at all.

Despite there clearly being quite a lot of them.

Just look at all them black eyed beans!

Was so distracted that I forgot the nooch.

Didn’t really need it though, so that worked out well too.

5 recommendations

ONE. Thrice

This is a recommendation. Of sorts. Just not directed to any specific person:

Had to listen to it, obviously. I mean 10/10? That’s like begging to be contradicted. But I’ve got no objection to that rating.

TWO. Richard Hawley

When I was living in Largs, I was sent a selection of Richard Hawley albums from someone I knew from LiveJournal. I don’t quite remember why. Couldn’t I just download like a normal person? (Maybe I couldn’t, maybe I had no internet??? That might have been it. Now that I think about it.) Or did I need to be pushed to listen to Richard?

THREE. John Frusciante

Another LiveJournal user insisted John’s solo work was brilliant. She was right! Led to my second round of Red Hot Chili Peppers obsession.

FOUR. The Amity Affliction

One of those rare times Spotify’s Discover Weekly made sense. If you don’t listen to Amity already and spend most of your time listening to Bring Me the Horizon, you will inevitably be recommended Amity. And you will like it.

FIVE. Northlane

This is my main reason for leaving YouTube on autoplay every now and again. Sometimes it will present you with something that you need in your life.

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5 lists about 5 things

5 things I often say

Men ALLTSÅ. (By which I mean But REALLY.)
Are you kidding? (To things that don’t work as expected. Such as office door that won’t unlock. Because it’s computerized. Have to stick my key in lock approx. 20 times. This happens multiple times a week. Lots of fun!)
Also (…you might have noticed…)
Go vegan? (People around me keep saying stupid stuff that would be solved by going vegan, sooo...)
◊ Dom får fan skylla sig själv. (Their own damn fault. Except for it’s not grammatical.)

5 things I often think

◊ How am I ever going to get through a workout?
Oh my god is it never ending??
◊ Just another // insert number here // minutes.
◊ I need a glass of wine. And then I think about what an absolute waste of money that is leading to hardly ever having wine or any type alcohol anymore. I’ll get over it. Eventually.
◊ Do they have to be that loud?

5 things I dream about at night

◊ Not being able to hear what people say to me. This is what happens if you fall asleep with headphones and music blaring. You don’t hear the music, but it still prevents hearing what people in dreams say. It’s weird.
◊ Going to gigs. In general, I dream a lot about the people who make the music I listen to, not just gig situations. E.g dreamed Oli Sykes worked at my local grocery store. To mention on thing that makes sense in writing…
◊ Absurd work situations. Like. I dream about people at work and situations that are clearly based in things that have happened at work, but the things people say and do are just insane. Probably my least favorite dreams. They’re just really, really boring.
◊ Hair and teeth falling out.
◊ I’ve repeatedly dreamed I’m in Brighton and can’t escape tidal waves.

5 things I order abroad

◊ Cocktails. Because they’re always way cheaper than in Sweden, feels like a bargain you can’t refuse.
◊ Pot of tea. Because you can when you’re in the UK. Not that common in Sweden.
◊ Scones. Again, way easier in the UK than in Sweden.
◊ Soup. This probably has to do with having both lunch and dinner out and wanting something lighter for lunch. This is never the case in Sweden. If it was I might order soup. I guess.
◊ Pimm’s?

5 things I wish would happen before the end of the year

◊ Glasvegas releases a record and announces a tour.
◊ Someone drags me along to Glasgow, and I don’t have to do any planning at all for it.
◊ New Thrice record?
◊ 6th book in Johanne Hildebrandt’s Valhalla saga?
◊ Be hit with some sort of mad obsession. It’s been a while now, I need something new to make life fun again.

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Endless blog challenge

LOOK. I know I’m overdoing the list this many of this thing post suggestions, but just bear with me for one more week, OK?

This week I want to know the following:

5 people whose style you admire. Doesn’t have to be everything they ever wore, it could be that one time when they had good hair, or their style 20 years ago, or people who no longer are. Just people you think had good taste in wearables at some point in time.

5 bands/artists that have been recommended to you. And that you actually like. Do mention who or what recommended!

5 lists about 5 things. I’ve borrowed this from a Swedish blog and translated it.

5 things I often say
5 things I often think
5 things I dream about at night
5 things I order abroad
5 things I wish would happen before the end of the year

4 things in my pantry

ONE. Red lentils


My to-do list insists that I’m making spicy vegan lentil cakes today. Seems an awful effort for being me? Usually, I just cook them, stir them into rice and add veggies. E.g. roasted kale, red pepper and some sort of snappy pea. Maybe top with some garlic mayo?

I’ve also used them for hummus, because I had no chickpeas. Works super well! Also easy to thin out to use as pasta sauce, just season with plenty garlic, smoked paprika and sun-dried tomato in oil.

TWO. Lime pepper


This is my favorite pepper; it’s a brilliant shortcut if you think buying lemons or limes is just overkill but want a bit of citrusy acid to a dish. I’ll put it on just about anything, but always when I fry broccoli. In coconut oil. With garlic.

THREE. Porridge mix


Mix of wheat, rye, oatmeal and barley. Just to mix it up a bit, rather than always having plain oatmeal. …not that I always do. But. I just wanted something slightly different from what I usually have. I mean why not?



I have PB in the house and have not finished the jar in a week! Unheard of. I’m using it as porridge topping, for raw cookie dough (the one mentioned here z.B., it was delish!), baked oatmeal, vegan truffles, you know, all good things!

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