4 things in my pantry

ONE. Red lentils


My to-do list insists that I’m making spicy vegan lentil cakes today. Seems an awful effort for being me? Usually, I just cook them, stir them into rice and add veggies. E.g. roasted kale, red pepper and some sort of snappy pea. Maybe top with some garlic mayo?

I’ve also used them for hummus, because I had no chickpeas. Works super well! Also easy to thin out to use as pasta sauce, just season with plenty garlic, smoked paprika and sun-dried tomato in oil.

TWO. Lime pepper


This is my favorite pepper; it’s a brilliant shortcut if you think buying lemons or limes is just overkill but want a bit of citrusy acid to a dish. I’ll put it on just about anything, but always when I fry broccoli. In coconut oil. With garlic.

THREE. Porridge mix


Mix of wheat, rye, oatmeal and barley. Just to mix it up a bit, rather than always having plain oatmeal. …not that I always do. But. I just wanted something slightly different from what I usually have. I mean why not?



I have PB in the house and have not finished the jar in a week! Unheard of. I’m using it as porridge topping, for raw cookie dough (the one mentioned here z.B., it was delish!), baked oatmeal, vegan truffles, you know, all good things!

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post. Past topics for this challenge can be found here.


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