Top 3 reasons I ♥ Depeche Mode

ONE. Dave Gahan

This has not been in the case in the past, but the older I get (or the older Dave gets..?) the more I enjoy what Dave brings to Depeche. I’ve deeply underestimated him as a singer. One of my all-time favorite voices for sure. Could he just sing all the songs in all the bands?

Yes yes, Martin is technically superior to just about everyone, I still prefer Dave (if I need to choose, which obviously I don’t, I can love them both, but I do love Dave a smidgen more).

TWO. The Enjoy the Silence video

Relaterad bild

I’m still struck with just how brilliant Enjoy the Silence really is. There aren’t a lot of videos you can watch over and over and over and still sometimes catch yourself thinking gawd this is so good.

To be fair. They have put out some of the best videos ever, but none of them are quite as absurd as this one, which is its main appeal to me.

THREE. 101

Relaterad bild

This is what got me into Depeche in the first place. The 101 documentary was on TV and I’ll watch any music documentary served to me, so I did. Sure, I knew about Depeche before, but this documentary turned know of into obsessed with quite quickly. It’s just the general vibe of 101; if it was just about the music it would have made no sense to me, I needed the context.

I’m still dreaming of that summer I’ll spend following Depeche around.

So that’s. What I’ve been thinking about lately.

You know how people are sometimes “if women didn’t spend so much time on makeup and clothes they’d have more time to do important things and start a revolution”?

Yeah. I wouldn’t do that.

I clearly have time available. And I spend it thinking about Depeche Mode. Soo ja. Lost cause.



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