Where do you get your vitamins from?

I found this fun little thing the other day, cronometer.com, via some vegan bragging about his nutrient intake on Instagram.

So basically, using Cronometer you can get a ballpark figure as to what your nutrient intake is, not just carbs, fats and proteins, but vitamins and minerals too.

Fucking hassle entering all your foods (and to think I used to do that on the daily for a very, very long time, it’s how I managed to stay underweight, until my brain was “all enough of this shit”), but it might just be worth it. I am very keen to take fewer supplements as I’m kinda taking a handfull of supplements just in case! It’s an equally boring and expensive habit. So I entered what I typically eat in a day, and the results were not bad. With one exception.

Was quite surprised at my protein intake was just spot on:


I would have guessed a bit low but this, this such good news. Also happily surprised that my iron intake is actually quite good (absorption might be a different story, but never mind that):


While it’s not the exception, I am slightly concerned about the calcium. And I literally just got back from seeing a doctor who told me I might want to take a calcium supplement. Is this something vegans do that I’ve missed out on? Because everything I’ve ever read/heard is calcium won’t be a problem, you don’t need to supplement calcium.

Healthy fats tho! I was concerned about one of them omega fats, but clearly I’ve no need to worry!


The one exception though, is this one, I mean what the hell is going on with my vitamin E intake??


26%!? What am I missing? Is everyone else getting enough vitamin E and from where?? Could it be a miscalculation?

I refuse to take a supplement; I’m off to find all foods high in vitamin E, and that’s that.


…just for the record. I do take B vitamin and D. But that doesn’t count. I don’t know of any way to be vegan and get enough B12 and D soo.


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