Week 37 // Lots of good music and new gloves

Listening to

Architects just went and released a new song. I’d say without warning, but there was definitely a warning.

More importantly they’re going to be touring again. I’ve been so sick with them not being on tour I’m throwing myself at tickets, despite the super inconvenient month January.

This week has been another one of those treat weeks when it comes to music. Not only new material from Architects but also


Emma Ruth Rundle

Within Temptation

Within Temptation remains a guilty pleasure; I wonder why that is.

Expression; rakt ut i biceps

It makes no sense talking about this in English. Så vi byter raskt språk!

En vet att en kanske lyssnat lite för mycket på Styrkebyrån när en börjar slänga sig med uttrycket rakt ut i biceps i tid och otid.

Fast det är ett jäkligt härligt sätt att se på mat.

Meanwhile. Var inte informerad om att underhandsrodd med skivstång var bra för att bygga biceps. Ska nog lägga till ett par set med underhandsfattning. Hej jag är uuusel på att följa ett program. På tal om det…

Gym; So many programs, so little time

I keep finding new programs I want to try. Most recently, the free program/s from Stronger by Science. I want to abandon my current program and just do this! But I’m told jumping programs is a terrible, terrible idea. So I’m trying to stick it out. After all, this program is going nowhere, it’ll still be there when I’m through Stage 7. (..feels just about an eternity away right now..)

Also, gloves purchased and used. I know it’s all sorts of wrong and just super dorky, but I really like wearing gloves. It is a kindness to the hands. And the feeling of this weight is going nowhere is quite nice.


But not to worry, I’m also working on my grip. I’ve rearranged Workout B in Stage 3 again. It was still waaaay to long, so I limited the number of exercises to 7 and introduced supersetting, which really is a great way to get your heart rate up. I’ve also changed it to include a lot more heavy dumbbell work, as it makes for some pretty decent grip practice.

2 thoughts on “Week 37 // Lots of good music and new gloves”

  1. Har tydligen lyssnat tillräckligt på Architects för att de ska dyka upp i min Release Radar också!

    Hehehehe, ja, alltså, tyngdlyftningshandskar är ju aldrig fina. Men det är väl bara en tidsfråga innan jag är där med 🙂

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