What vegans eat; Weekend edition

These are some of the things I munched on this weekend:

Breakfast! I prepped my breakfast on Friday evening, it was the chocolate, peanut butter & banana baked oatmeal I mentioned in a previous post.


Well it was basically that.

If there are vegan chocolate protein powders in Sweden don’t know of them, so I just used my regular protein powder + 1 tbsp cacao (per 2 servings) and a pinch of salt. Worked real well! Served with a drizzle of agave, a mountain of raspberries and roasted seeds + nuts. Will definitely make again!

Also. I need to mention my tea. It’s a green raspberry and lemon grass blend. This batch is so good! Just look at it!


I’ve ben meaning to make vegan chocolate for ages. It’s not difficult att all, you just mix (melted) coconut oil, cacao, and a sweetener of choice, spread it on a baking sheet and leave to cool in the fridge for a bit.

But because I want to be extra special I put the mixture in this IKEA ice tray, and added some roasted nuts. And raisins.


I’m going to go ahead and argue that this is better than any chocolate you could ever buy for the following reasons:

  • You can choose exactly how bitter you like it at that particular point in time, by adjusting the amount of sweetener.
  • It’s so nice and soft.
  • You can dress it up any way you like; add cinnamon, rum, nuts, dried fruit, anything you like!

I’m in the middle of a celery obsession; I go through periods where I basically think celery is the purpose of life. Thusly this dinner:


It’s a super frugal meal consisting of basmati rice, seasoned with salt, sage, oregano, and chiliflakes with a mix of chickpeas and kidney beans, and some celery I heated for a few minutes in a pan with olive oil and garlic, topped with roasted nuts + seeds (yes, yes I’m obsessed..) and a drizzle of vegan roasted garlic mayo. The rice + bean combo is an absolute favorite!


Look at me, following a recipe!

…well. I mostly did? I might have replaced the swede with a bit of cabbage, because it was what I had, and I might have added some garam masala, because wtf? Only seasoning is onion and garlic? That won’t do!

V. pleased with how this chickpea stew turned out!

Did I top it with roasted seeds and nuts? Yes I did.

Top tip: get yourself 3-5 different types of seeds and nuts, dry roast in a pan, keep in container, top all of your meals with the mixture, you won’t regret it!